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  • I live in the Republic, in Terrasen, or in the Night Court (pretty much with Day, Rowan Whitethorn, and Rhysand)
  • I was born on January 15
  • My occupation is loving Day, Rowan, Rhys and Magiano
  • I am in love with everything written by Marie Lu and Sarah J. Maas
  • Cchen3

    Hello friends! It's been awhile seen I really did an update blog (usually my blogs are wiki based and maybe with a comment at the bottom about my life) so here's my life update blog c: 

    As most of you know, I'm a junior in high school and this year is definitely the hardest year so far. I've been spending all my free time just cramming hw and studying and hoping I can get more than like 6 hours of sleep (bad for an athlete who runs a lot!!! i'm dead). Adding on to the morning practice I have...there goes sleep. (and no writing cries, so much for using that as a reliever of stress)

    So you guys can expect (and already see) that the possibility of me being super active like I was last year going down. You are welcome, of course, to message me i…

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  • Cchen3

    So to start things off, yes, I'm back from my Mammoth trip but I'm swamped with assignments and getting ready for school so don't expect me to be one much.

    But second, I'd like to address a few things here on the wiki. (or maybe just one and I needed a place to announce it)

    I know you guys like to welcome new users but we really don't need every single one of you guys to create this huge welcome template that outcodes the one the default message because 1) it really just is a bit flashy and can be taken down a few notches and 2) if you want to have one maybe ask a staff member? and add the staff members names on there because we do need to be known in case we need to help a new user

    Sorry I just it kind of got to me when I saw multiple of tho…

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  • Cchen3

    wow lol i'm late i forgot on Sunday I was supposed to tally points and whatnot xD But please read this entire blog so you can get my news update at the end of the blog :)

    So here are the results!

    Overall I think both contest and challenge did okay; we could have tried much harder to get things done but hey! We're all busy kids so I'll let it slide :) thanks to everyone who did participate and tried to get the load done ! maybe i'll try this again later on in the year when i am not drowning from hw!

    Top three get prizes from me but like...there's just one clear winner haha

    Prizes are lowkey the same because 1) i'm really busy and honestly might not have time to distribute prizes and 2) this wasn't for prize benefits this was for everyone to con…

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  • Cchen3

    Okay! I'm gonna start this now since I'm going on vacation soon and when I come back, I want to start all the fun stuff since I'll start to get busier as summer goes on and my summer is sadly very short

    So there's actually two events I'm hosting this summer so stay tuned! You join both, or one, or neither I guess but if you weren't joining you wouldn't be reading this ;)

    Also like if you join, please check my updates on this blog because this is my second blog lol I can't really make a new one since my other blog was important info too :P

    I always like to add a twist to this one because this is the third time we've done it, and so this time, there will be tiers! I'll explain how this will work and hopefully it won't be too confusing.

    There wil…

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  • Cchen3

    Hi guys! I know Dogwood is introducing the WFWA and so I don't want to make a huge event so soon but I'm actually somewhat free this summer (yay finally!) and I was wondering if anyone wanted to give me a suggestion for something? I'm thinking I could host something similar to the commenting contests but I don't want to do it a third time LOL

    So ideas? And I need an opinion on if I should even host something :P

    Short blog lol I'll update this as ideas roll in maybe

    C: also y'all should know i'm gonna try to tackle commenting again but no guarantees so pls don't give me a huge list of stories below (I will manually go find stories so no worries there [i do better when i force myself not when there's a list])

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