Cchen3 Cchen3 1 April 2018

drum roll please...we have a new staff member!

yeah I know, second blog in two days LOL i didn't mean for this to happen but that's all right.

So as the title suggests, we've added a new staff member to the team: Brams

She's a user who has been on for several years now and she's super mature and I know she'll do a great job in running the wiki when the rest of us are too busy to come on and stuff. She's a chat moderator and rollback for now and in a few months she'll probs move up to admin and whatnot

but yeah! try to start direct questions in her direction because she's way more active than me haha (of course if you need like page deletions and stuff you'll still have to come to me cause only an admin can delete pages but) I'm going to be letting her try to take over WFW 1 so if anyone…

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Cchen3 Cchen3 1 April 2018

oh yes hello firey exists

I just thought I'd give a life update? I stumbled upon the latest game I created back in November and wow those times were already old (back when my cross country season was still intact)

Hello! First blog of 2018 it seems and my life has turned from hectic to insane. So to all the new users out there who are seeing this and having no idea who I am, I'm Firey, some user who's apparently almost been here for almost five years (come April 16)

I'll be honest this place isn't really somewhere I come to that much anymore and I just leave the tab open to check at some hours to see if anyone needs my help. And since I've been dancing around this subject long enough:

I'm probably going to be disappearing from here soon. Well, I'll probs give this yea…

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Cchen3 Cchen3 25 December 2017

merry christmas friends!

hello all! sorry for not always being around but Merry Christmas :)

I'm really grateful for all of you despite my inconsistency to show up and prove that, but you guys have changed my life in the four (almost five) years I've been here and I'll always remember that! I may or may not have moved on from WFW and warriors entirely but know that I enjoyed every last minute talking, fangirling, and writing with every single one of you.

I hope you guys have a wonderful day and Happy New Year's while I'm at it because 2017 is about to come to an end :)

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Cchen3 Cchen3 1 November 2017

hop on board for the fun!

Okay since the votes for the second idea say combine, we're combining my two ideas from this blog!

  • 1 Rules
  • 2 Instructions
  • 3 Prompts
  • 4 Participants

1. Have fun!

2. Follow my instructions :)

So each day, there will be one prompt per day for two weeks starting Friday, November 3. Anyone who wants to join just comment below and I'll add you in! Once it hits Friday, you're free to start.

You write one story per day!

Each prompt/one-shot should be around 1000+ you can make it as long as you want (it's always nice to get longer submissions because 1000 is pretty easy to hit when you have the time [which i assume you have if you're joining this]). Since we're combining the ideas, every other day we'll switch between myth, quote, or one-word prompts!

Here are the …

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Cchen3 Cchen3 26 October 2017

anyone want to play a game?

since this seems to be much needed and since i've noticed there aren't a lot of edits/comments on here anymore.

i thought of a game we could play. it's more of a challege to be honest. a writing challenge.

I actually have two ideas, so y'all can vote/comment on which one you like more or we can try to do both or something. who knows.

for two weeks (weeks not months bc december means finals, sat, and the act for me so i can't organize anything that month), any participants would write a really short one-shot (like 1000-3000 words) and compile a little story that would answer a prompt every day. one section per day!!

ideally, it would be cool if we got like a compilation of different sort of settings/scenes that somehow come together for a bigger…

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