This time, I'm taking only the cats I feel I should take. The first collab was a disaster, I ended up with people signing up and leaving. Then there was a huge confusion. Yes, I'm deleting everything on Clouds From Beyond and starting over.

It'll still be called Solitude and Clouds From Beyond, but it'll be different.

Now sign ups. Here are my Rules:


1. If you sign up, I expect you not to leave. Believe me, I'm not a very forgiving girl here. I need people who will stick to me until the end.

2. Please make your characters realistic. I want cats with unique personalities. I want cats who aren't completely perfect.

3. You need to be confident with your skills. If you think you can't match the way I write, then don't sign up. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I need some equal writers.

4. Think about how often you write. If you can't write your chapter in two weeks, I'm dropping you out. It's annoying for me to replace you with the next person in line and trying to keep a plot. I need solid people guys.


I'm taking five and five only. I'm not going to deal with a whole mob of you anymore. No, I will not be choosing my friends, but I may choose who I trust will be good with it more. Don't be offended if I don't choose you. I still love you <3

Me - Fernflight - Light brown tabby she-cat with darker brown stripes running through her fur. She also has white spots that decorate her pelt and her tail. She has green eyes that are as sharp as flint. She's not afraid to use her tone and she's very snappy. She's hard to deal with, but a great friend to make. She hates touching others, an dshe definitely needs her space. She usually doesn't mean what she says, but she doesn't back away when a decision is made. She's sarcastic but funny, and always willing to help her friends. (SHADOWCLAN)

Jet - Miststorm. (SHADOWCLAN)

Holly - Rainstep (WINDCLAN)

Brighty - Feathershade (RIVERCLAN)

Cutekaboo - Softstep (THUNDERCLAN)

Vee - Archer (THUNDERCLAN)


Please be description with your cat. Don't be like "brave and loyal, friendly". That won't get you accepted. Here's the form:










I can't take too many from each Clan. I'm from ShadowClan obviously, so one more in ShadowClan, two in ThunderClan, one in WindClan, and one in RiverClan. That makes six :) also answer these questions:

Why should I choose you?

How could you contribute to the collab differently?

Are you willing to work hard to get this done?


Mm so sign up! I'm not taking first come first serve anymore, so take your time. :) The plot of course is:


Six cats, very unrealible but needed. Fernflight and her friends have to somehow stop a group of rogues from killing them all and save the world. The problem is, they're like sworn enemies, and they don't get along well.


"Who's the funny looking donkey over there?" "Sven." "Oh Olaf..." 05:21, May 7, 2014 (UTC)

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