So like, I decided that I'm going to try harder to write that show. :3 link right here.

So this is blog is just to inform you, and to open up the Sign Ups to making a cat. If you've made two already, please refrain from making more unless you give me permission to kill off some of your old ones c:



Spy Army or Rebellion:




Alive or dead (later on):

Please make sure you're DESCRIPTIVE and your histories are detailed and precise. Spy Army would be a Tribe cat, so your name would be a Tribe cat name. Rebellion would be a Clan cat, so you would have a Clan cat name.

Don't be selfish about your cat and expect me to keep them alive forever. I have fifty something cats and I want to work with new ones too, since I'm probably going to have a mass murder season xD

Anyways, it'd be great if you could read AND comment on Spy Torture and also sign the fans and such.

Advertising Cold!

Also, I have my most active show, Cold, which is my pride and my love c: I love the show, I love the characters, and no, there's no sign ups for that one.

It'd be great if you could read Cold too, and even comment. I really love the show because I've gotten better (hopefully) in writing, and I've gotten pretty far already with Cold :D

Thanks for reading, and bye

~Firey I realized... that maybe I'd fallen for you... 00:27, August 19, 2014 (UTC)

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