Cardinalfire1234 Cardinalfire1234 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Hi! Just stopping by to wish the wiki a very happy Easter! Hope you all enjoy your chocolate bunnies and multitude of jelly beans and peeps!

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Cardinalfire1234 Cardinalfire1234 19 April 2011

Attention! If you need a name, come here!

Hi again! If you need a name, look no further. Just give me two numbers and I can supply you with a name. Try as many times as you'd like! I'll give you an example:

68 & 34= Goldenfrost!

The guessing ranges are:

1st number:1-214

2nd number: 1-107

Have fun!

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Cardinalfire1234 Cardinalfire1234 13 April 2011

I need some superpowers!

So, I need some good super powers for my characters. So far I have:


super sight

walking in dreams

hearing emotions

yeah. I need help.

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Cardinalfire1234 Cardinalfire1234 20 March 2011

Name Creating Challenge!

Hi everyone! I heard that the Erins had a Warriors name creating contest a while back, so I wanted to make my own name making challenge! This contest starts today, March 20, 2011, and ends January 1, 2012. This was originally a page but I have moved it to the blogs.

Okay. Fist of all, the name must be original. It's okay if it turns out someone made that name too, just make sure that's the case and you didn't copy. Just no copying the Erins, because that would be cheating.

Also, no inappropriate names. I know the name Yellowpool is funny, and Dirtpaw is silly too, but please don't do it.

Finally, ALL the questions must be answered. I don't care how hard creating a name for the cat is, no!

All answers are to be posted on THIS PAGE's talkpage. A…

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Cardinalfire1234 Cardinalfire1234 13 March 2011

Help! I need name/s!

HELP!!! I need the cutest name you can possibly think of for this kit:

She has long, creamy fur and bright blue eyes as well as a cute pink nose.

HELP ME!!!!!!!!

(p.s.I only put plural at the end 'cause I'll be using this for all my name issues)

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