Yep. You read the title right. Only until april, though.

Things are getting really messy in my life, so I decided to leave after existing here for almost a year.

But there's some stuff I'd like to sort out first:

  1. I'm giving my first show, Warriors: The Apprentice to someone else.

Yep. I'm behind schedule and I really don't want more stress put on me. If you're not busy, or new and want something to do, take this! It's a free sample! (Whaaaaaat?)

I'm not giving this to someone who has waaaaay to many stuff to do. They might forget about it, and I want the stuff I start to be finished.

UPDATE: Given to Stormver.

  1.  'Moonheart's Choice is to be 'given to someone else

​I'm never going to finish it. Two books in a not-so-successful series is enough, anyway. My OC isn't Wolfsong anymore. Instead, I have 2 fursonas, one on this site (Buzzypaw) and another on another site (Wolftail). Also, I have the main plot in my head so if you want a brief summary of it just message me. :)

UPDATE: I have given this to Stormver. She's done quite a good job on it. :D

  1. The idea for my second planned show is cancelled

I planned it almost a year ago and I've lost heart in it. The ending of it is mentioned somewhere in Night Visions.

  1. Mad World will not be written.

​Yeah, I'm taking a break from the time I've gven my first show away to the start of April, so I wont be here in  March.

  1. I'm still going to write Snowfall.

Snowfall resumes in April :D And It's going to continue right through to December, where I will be gone forever.

That's about it, and if you want to adopt my show, then ask me in the comments. I'll consider if you'll be able to complete it.

Bye until April!

(Stormver and I have accounts on another site that is not fanfiction so we'll still be able to keep in touch, right, Stormeh? :D)

BuzzyTASTE THE RAINBOWBee 18:30, January 15, 2015 (UTC)

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