BramblestarvsAshfur BramblestarvsAshfur 24 March 2018

I'm Baaaaaccckkkk!

Hi! I'm finally back! Man a lot of stuff has been going on. *sighs* Anyway, it's so cool to see you guys again. Did anybody forget me? I'm sorry, just thrilled to be back. Still a buncha crap going on but I've finally been able to take a break. Yay. See ya around the wiki

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BramblestarvsAshfur BramblestarvsAshfur 19 February 2018


Happy birthday to me! Ok so I know my actual B-day is Thursday, but I'm so excited. (Do not ask me my age. You do not need to know that) It'll be great! But... I'll be inactive for a while. 😔 When I come back, I will be older! Wiser! And probably still write cruddy fanfics! That's Ok though. I should be back beginning of March due to other matters as well. Anyway! Bye!

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BramblestarvsAshfur BramblestarvsAshfur 26 January 2018

School Dance Drama

Yesterday was the school dance. The guy I like was there. I just kept kinda staring at him, wondering what was going on. He mostly danced, chatted with his friends and played with the bubbles coming out of the bubble machine. When he sees me looking, he just looks away. I tried to talk to him like Flamey and Brambles suggested in my last blog post. But I made an excuse not to. At the end, he's on his phone, and my friend walks over to him and growls, "Do you have a problem with Ashes?" (That's not actually my name, I put it there for privacy purposes) I pulled her back by the collar and 'kindly' explain I do not have a problem. When I walk over to him, I say, "Geez, this is what happens when you say we don't talk much anymore." He kinda mu…

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BramblestarvsAshfur BramblestarvsAshfur 25 January 2018

Oh great. 😒

Ok, lately I've been feeling really scared. I am in someplace safe: my room, the shower, the library, etc. And then... I'll get so jittery, so afraid that if I get anymore afraid, I have a panic attack. My head will swerve from side to side and I get the feeling something or someone is watching me, but there's never anything there. This is scaring me really bad... and I don't usually scare easily.

And... I have a crush on this one guy. He's so sweet and funny and we'll laugh and talk on the bus. He just recently broke up with his girlfriend, one of my friends, and his new girlfriend is a snoot. She won't let me talk to him anymore and it hurts. Lately, he's been looking at me with scorn. I don't know what I did! He's one of my only friends.…

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BramblestarvsAshfur BramblestarvsAshfur 21 January 2018

Newbie XD

Hi! I'm BramblestarvsAshfur, but you can call me Ashes or Bramble, depending on who's side you are on.

I'm new here, I've been on for... *does counting on fingers* oh forget it.

Anyway, I've been settling in well. Everyone I've met is friendly: Stormver, Blazey, Flamey, Brambles and Holly to name a few. I've made a few fanfics. (Which totally suck. Lol.)

So... yeah. I like coming on here. I just feel comfortable. I'm aware not everyone will be friendly, but Idc about them.

I looked at people's profiles just to get to know them a bit better and oh my goodness! Everyone seems to be welcoming me. I appreciate it a LOT.

School sucks. Just throwing that out there. People I've known since kindergarten will stare at me like I'm a piece of crap. The p…

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