yes, it's that time of the year when brams sees that it's her wikiversary and writes a blog post. so yeeee

So it has been six years sinch a considerably-younger me made her first edit here on WFW. Now, six years and some 5,300 edits later, I'm still here. Who would've thought I'd stick around here this long? no I totally knew this was going to happen... (jkjk)

So I'm here just to do my usual thank yous! To all the amazing users here, thank you for making WFW such a good place to be - I really appreciate your help! It really makes my life easier, especially as nowadays I'm the main active admin around here. (Don't worry other admins, I love you guys I promise <3) Thank you for making my six years here so far great - here's to many more years!?!?

And now I proceed to give my annual life update xD

As some of you may know, last year I started university/college (yes young users I am old xDD). I'm going back there for my second year this week, so that's gonna be a good time, lol. So once I go down I'll be a little less actve an I have been these past few months (I've been on summer break since early November - uni summer breaks are ridiculously long), but I'll certainly still be around :)

So I'll sign off now, as I have nothing else to say. Thank you for reading my annual blog, and I hope you have a nice day! :)


-- so look out down below 02:07, February 10, 2020 (UTC)

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