Bramblefire3118 Bramblefire3118 10 February

it's that time of the year again

yes, it's that time of the year when brams sees that it's her wikiversary and writes a blog post. so yeeee

So it has been six years sinch a considerably-younger me made her first edit here on WFW. Now, six years and some 5,300 edits later, I'm still here. Who would've thought I'd stick around here this long? no I totally knew this was going to happen... (jkjk)

So I'm here just to do my usual thank yous! To all the amazing users here, thank you for making WFW such a good place to be - I really appreciate your help! It really makes my life easier, especially as nowadays I'm the main active admin around here. (Don't worry other admins, I love you guys I promise

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Bramblefire3118 Bramblefire3118 10 February 2019

five years... oof

The title is self-explanatory, I think xD

So here is Brams' annual post on her wikiversary, where she realizes how old she is congratulates herself on surviving yet another year on this website. And I guess that's what I'm here for, heh.

So, I guess it's been five years, huh? xD

Damn, I never expected I would've stayed here for this long! (I say that every year, oh well hAh) It's kind of crazy, looking back. I was 13 years old when I made my debut on this wiki: now five years later and 5,114 edits later, 18 year old me is still here xD damn

Nor did I expect to become admin either (although I'm sure my younger self aspired to be one!) - this is my first wikiversary since attaining that title, wow.

Anyway, that's enough about that. I don't know wha…

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Bramblefire3118 Bramblefire3118 3 May 2018

casual life update

ok I originally intended to write this on Monday but I procrastinated whoops xD

so as I mentioned in my previous blog a few months ago, I am currently in my last year of high school. Senior year's been going okay, I guess - nothing super exciting's happening really. It's hard work, but I am (mostly) getting the grades that I want, so that is good c:

However, as is the case when you reach senior year, I am currently considering my options for next year as I plan to start uni then. So of course I am going off to consider my options (and decide what I actually want to do ahahaha)

I'm going to be away from tomorrow, Friday the 4th of May (may the fourth be with you, star wars fans :P) until Tuesday the 8th of May (late). As is the case, these date…

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Bramblefire3118 Bramblefire3118 10 February 2018

four years on wfw

Well, I never thought when I joined four years ago today that I’d end up staying for this long xD

As the title says, I have been on this wiki for four years! I secretly can’t believe I’ve stuck around here for so long, but stay I have...

...and I have no plans on leaving for the time being so yeah you still have to put up with me xDDD

Thanks to all of you guys for being here for however long! This community is amazing, and I have everyone here to thank for that

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Bramblefire3118 Bramblefire3118 8 September 2017

time flies

ok everyone is writing birthday blogs and it looks like I am not exempt from it xD

so yeah as you might've guessed it's my birthday today~ and I'm seventeen eek I'm old.

rip I don't feel like growing up ;-;

also fyi I'm gonna be less active from the 18th to the 20th this month (my timezone; if in America take away a day) I have derived grade exams (aka mocks) duduchcfjj

--feel the thunder 02:53, September 8, 2017 (UTC)

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