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  • I was born on July 17
  • I am agender (they/them)
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    I guess now's time for an update on my life, since I keep... disappearing for several months. I do check wiki activity occasionally, but as it stands, I really just don't have spare time. Which is too bad, cause I do have a lot of good memories from this place.

    For those who don't know me, I'm Brighty! For those who do... I miss y'all. I've been here since 2012 and quite frankly I don't know how I ended up leaving, aside from my... complete and utter lack of interest in Warriors.

    Maybe that's exactly it, actually.

    My life's been a bit wild. I'm starting my second semester in university next week. I feel like an old man around these parts, but there? I seem like just a kid.

    I've started going by Sparrow among friends, which is a new develop…

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  • Bluestar&Brightheart

    so six years ago yesterday i ended up on this website.

    i'm. wow. six years! i'm gonna be 18 in a few months. that's so crazy that i've hung around this long- even though i've been radio silent as of late.

    real life has been a trip- i'm finishing high school and i have a job now so i'm struggling just a tad to make time for anything fun at all, but that's how it be i guess

    apparently there's been an influx of new users! i hope all of you are finding this community to be a fun and happy place to be. this is my personal welcome to each and every one of you.

    i'm wishing the best for you guys! who knows when i'll be able to talk regularly lol 

    if anyone ever really needs me, i'm avaliable on discord (ikuzonos#1482) and would be happy to add you as l…

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  • Bluestar&Brightheart

    hello folks its brighty aka boo boo the fool

    yesterday was my five year (five years!!!) anniversary on this dang wiki and i didn't even notice. funny enough yesterday when i showed up after months of being in The Void was my dang anniversary

    wow. honestly?? i cant believe im here. like if you had asked me "where do you think you'll be in 5 years" back then i certainly wouldn't have answered "writing a blog on a warrior cats fanfic wiki"

    i found this place by complete accident. all because i didn't want to do my homework, i found this amazing place & the wonderful community within. i'm going to be 17 in just about a month and this feels so wild. i cannot believe that i'm still here, even if i only pop in once and a while. i've made some wonder…

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  • Bluestar&Brightheart

    blehh school starts on the 6th and i'm not ready

    how did this happen?? just yesterday it was the end of june, and i said i was gonna finish my novel by the end of the summer. (spoiler alert: i haven't touched it once)

    i feel so weird? i'm going into grade 11 this year this is ridiculous. 

    but um. i probably won't be editing v much? i'll try y'know, but like i'll be busy. i don't have any IB courses (thank goodness) but it'll still be hard work. (i have english bio and socials all on day one. i have caf training to balance it out but still)

    in general im really scared tho? see, i only have two friends. that's not an exaggeration, i literally have two irl friends. and i don't know if i'll share any classes with them this year. they're the only p…

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  • Bluestar&Brightheart


    July 17, 2016 by Bluestar&Brightheart

    happy birth to me

    happy birth to me

    happy biiiiiiiirth to me

    happy birth to me

    (it's my birthday whaddup y'all)

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