Birdpaw Birdpaw 1 March 2012

Hello! And Read!

Do you like Rping?

Do you like Rping?

I already asked that, twice, but you know

Well, since I'm bored and I am a tenacious person, I want you guys to look at a wiki, that's very dear to me, and a very fun wiki, that's almost dead.

Now, as a tenacious person, I'm doing everything in my persistant power to make that wiki alive and fun again! And you guys should help!

I know most of you like rping, so do I!

So this wiki....

Cats Of The Clans, I'm admin on it, but it's like, been givin up on.


I'm not the type to give up, y'all know that XD

So, I would love it if you guys took a look, leave a message on my talk page, and if you want to join, ask one of the leaders too join (Can't garentee they are going to answer, but I'll be able to answer for …

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Birdpaw Birdpaw 11 January 2012

Moving Places

Hello people, if your reading this, you must be bored.

I know it says moving places, but surprisingly I'm not the one moving, my parent and step-dad are.

Now I know your thinking "Birdpaw! Your only 15! You can't live by yourself!"

Well, let me finish, myparents are moving yes, going to Ajax or somewhere like that (Ajax,if you don't know where it is, that's okay I don't know where it is either.)

My grandparents and dad are moving in. And I might get a dog, a King Shepard to be exact.

So if I randomly combust of this wiki and don'te dit for months at a time. It's because of the moving process, and I will come back, wether you all like it or not.

So anyways, onto another thing

I also have been sick lately, with what I don't know, a small cold, a fl…

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Birdpaw Birdpaw 15 October 2011


We have over 3'000 pages!

Let's throw a party to celebrate!

3'010 pages!

Woop Woop

Lol Hey people

I'm Birdpaw, I like punctuation and spelling :D



Random pie

Halloween is soon

If your going trick or treating, what are you going to be?

I'm going to be a pirate either way, with a feathery hat and a sword XD

Like mah siggie?

Who you going to call?Ghostbusters 00:08, October 19, 2011 (UTC)

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Birdpaw Birdpaw 8 September 2011


Ok on IRC yesterday I started listening to music, then I started editing COld Heart.. But then

I started to get freaked out cause I was REALLY into it, it was creepy

And it scared me

So I have MAJORLY updated Cold Heart, and it scares me yes, don't laugh

Go read it if you dare, if you do, you'll proboly get yanked in by an invinsable force XD, cause that's how I felt XD

Was it my heart or the music making me write like that? XD

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Birdpaw Birdpaw 4 September 2011

Loss of boreding thoughts of boredom

I know the title makes no sense (Trust me, I was bored when I thought up that title, if you can tell)

Okay, I am at a loss of ideas, More or less, the dreaded brain block.

Brain Block.


I need a little motivation so....

How is Cold Heart?

Have to give credit to wetty for the name, cause that's where the first brain block started.

I just want to know what you guys think, usually when I ask for opinions, I don't usually get any XD and vince versa.


I have school in two days time (woot or not woot?)

I'm excited, means I get to beat Sandpaw up :D


No boreding isn't a word

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