Birdpaw Birdpaw 26 July 2012

Explaining A Couple Things

You know before everyone is confused.

Anyways first things first

Me and Zaffie (A joint decision) have decided to ban Vi, from IRC and WFW, for one week, just so Arti can come back and everything can be explained without more drama.

She has been banned for drama involving several users, and unneeded PM'ing.... And... Internet Court.

If you wish to know more, don't worry, I'm going to put it here tomorrow after I have breakfast, or, if you're impatient, I always check my messages, but it'll be a lot easier for you to be patient, because Arti is the one who needs to be notified first.

BUT if you were there, you already know what happened.

That is all

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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Birdpaw Birdpaw 11 July 2012

Guess What 8D

Thattt'sss right

It's my birthdayyyy

And not just any birthday, my sixteenth birthday!

Whee,party time :D

"That's a great idea!""Well, not really." 15:34, July 11, 2012 (UTC)

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Birdpaw Birdpaw 8 April 2012

I'm Back

From a long, sickly, weekend at the trailer park.

Yep, that's right, I'm sick, because it was seriously cold up there, and my heater in my trailer is messed up.

So, I might take a day to rest, but don't worry, I'll be better in no time X3

Sooo, how was your weekends 83? I got FF 13-2, for Easter o-o.

I amYour worst nightmare 13:47, April 8, 2012 (UTC)

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Birdpaw Birdpaw 29 March 2012

Attention IPs!

Me and Arti had a discussion (With Stareh suggesting this rule, because she's a boss.) and we think, to not have everyone confused, this is what the new rule is!

New Rule Plz! Anons may not make stories, but, when you make an account, you may make all the hunky-dory stories you want X3.

This is to prevent confusion, so we know which anons are vandals, and which ones are not (Because you know, some Anons are vandals XD.)

I dun like being confused Anons, it hurts my brain XD.

If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns, and blargs, voice them now XD, and we can discuss it.


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Birdpaw Birdpaw 19 March 2012

It's The End!

Of March break ;-;. For me at least, don't know about you guys

I might not be as active until I get all my silly projects done, including a monologue for Drama, and a presentation for English.

And I've told people A THOUSAND TIMES that I can only really present in Drama, because well... Drama students would probably get it.

Other than that, I get class fright, and I will go eeriely silent and just stare at people when that happens.

But my English teachers a grouch and very mean ;-;.

So anyways, I'll try to get on, and try to get my English teacher to dosomething for me so I don't have to present in front of people in my class, because I do that in Drama, and it stresses me out enough.

So, let's add that to my list of fears XD Which includes


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