Okay, you listen and you listen well, because if you don't listen, I'll keep bugging you until you do, since I always have to bug to get people to listen to me.

Yes, I know I wasn't there for the proxy anon, but I was actually enjoying my life and my weekend, so you can't blame me, it was a nice weekend, I was NOT about to pass it up.

But, since that, me and someone else did the next best thing to "cussing them out" since you shouldn't do anyways because that's only encouraging said troll.

We figured out who the anon was, since I don't know how to check IP's, the other person did know how, so yay for that.

Now, don't say I didn't do anything, because that might tempt me to not talk to you for a while, just as a warning, it happens alot.


The anon, I can't bother to repeat it's IP, was a user called Aspenflower14, she's had fights with some people on here, and now she doesn't barely come on anymore.

I don't really know her motive, but I think she knows how to use proxy, last time I talked to her she mentioned proxy, so that's some proof next to the matching IP's.

So there. I did something with help, without the need to "cuss".

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