First blog of November, whew, at least I don't have to worry about that.

Anyways, this is a sort of serious thing.

I'm going to be honest with you all, I've mentioned to several people that I've had serious writers block, mostly arose for several reasons.

I don't like sharing my stories because it makes me look like I just want the attention, which I guess I do. I'm insecure about my writing, and when I don't get much reaction or constructive criticism from it, I know it's not because I'm that good, it's because either people don't feel like it or just don't care enough. Mostly it's the fact that I don't want to specifically say 'Hey comment as well' without seeming like a egotistical person. (not saying anyone who does that is egotistical, it's a personal thing towards myself)

Honestly, I just want to see what people like and don't like and what I can adjust and change, writing is about improvement to make something great, and for both writer and reader to get enjoyment out of it. How people see your world and characters that you've created.

I stopped enjoying it.

I know that's probably my pride saying 'Hey if you constantly link your stories you're desperate' not saying anyone who does that is desperate, but I've been to wiki's who saw it as such, and I think back when I was new to this wiki it was kind of seen like that too. I hate linking my story and practically begging for comments because I'm that insecure and unsure of myself, which I'm sure we've all been.

I've struggled to get recognised all my life, often got stomped down and told that I'd never really amount to anything or pursue my dreams or the like. I've always had this urge to prove others wrong, or to even be known for something, but even if I did something right it didn't seem enough for others. I get antsy when people don't tell me what I did wrong and they just say 'Nope, that's wrong' without elaboration.

This doesn't just go to my show on here either (which no, I'm not going to link here), I have an Original Story that I barely get any comments, I don't know if people are shy or what, I always reassure people that they can talk to me and criticise me, I'm not a child, I should be able to take it by now, if that's even the problem.

I mean, since I'm being brunt, I wish people would comment more, not just on my stories, but kind of extend of what is usually read by people. I'm not calling people out here, this just seems to be the trend on several places. People gravitate to a widely commented story and the less commented ones are just that. Less seen and known or talked about/discussed whatever word you want to use. I know published books like that, it's depressing, since a lot of those books have so much potential.

I have this book series that was honestly good idea and execution, I just forget what it's called, I know it's still on my bookshelf somewhere. No one knows about it though as far as I know. The author recently published a new book too, I need to get it.

Anyways, yeah, that's all I had to say, something that's been on my mind for a while, hopefullyidon'toffendanybody.


Well, at this point writing just depresses me apparently. (I'm sure we've all reached that point though)

I think I'm going to have to stop for a bit, which is really disappointing that my general mood cut my writing mood that much, I wanted to write a lot more. I like writing for other people, not for myself. In my eyes, I don't gain anything writing for myself personally (I know others are different. it just doesn't work for me.)

Thanks for all the help you have all suggested though, I do appreciate it.

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