Oh boy, I have come to a desicion.

I've had a lot of good/bad days on this wiki.

Anyways, to the main point of the blog.

I have been debating with myself on what's the point of me staying around. I don't talk to as many people anymore except for like, one? I'm just not feeling it anymore for fanfiction.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the time I spent here, I've grown into a better person due to it. But that's the thing, I've grown, and that's the kicker, I no longer feel that old attachment to anything here, not even nostalgia (which at this point, was the only thing keeping me here.)

I'm 21 going to school soon, a vet program.

Honestly, with all the struggles I've had faced and probably going to face (And facing right now), there still are some sour memories I need to turn away from after all this time. And I guess it's time for me to close this chapter on my life, so to say (Not that I didn't do that already, I was inactive unless people were on chat... Which, I didn't feel that involved in the conversations, bordering on unwelcome and uncomfortable? But that's just me.)

Depression and self-doubt are extremely hard things to deal with, I've noticed. And whoever said 'it'll pass when you're adult' is a dirty liar >:c.

I'm leaving the wiki on a high note, I hope all of you enjoy your time here just as much as me and a whole lot of other people here.

In regards to my show, I already talked about that in my last blog, which was in April? I wanted to finish it, but again, not feeling it, feel free to delete it or keep it floating around to disappear in the other mass of stories xD.

Goodbye peeps, (or not, depending if you have me added on discord/wattpad). I hope all your endevours turn out great!

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