Birdpaw Birdpaw 7 August 2017

Lemme tell Ya a Story

Oh boy, I have come to a desicion.

I've had a lot of good/bad days on this wiki.

Anyways, to the main point of the blog.

I have been debating with myself on what's the point of me staying around. I don't talk to as many people anymore except for like, one? I'm just not feeling it anymore for fanfiction.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the time I spent here, I've grown into a better person due to it. But that's the thing, I've grown, and that's the kicker, I no longer feel that old attachment to anything here, not even nostalgia (which at this point, was the only thing keeping me here.)

I'm 21 going to school soon, a vet program.

Honestly, with all the struggles I've had faced and probably going to face (And facing right now), there still are some …

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Birdpaw Birdpaw 20 April 2017

Super Banana's

Okay silly title for semi-serious blog?

I mean, you got to get that potassium bro, seriously.

ANYWAYS BACK TO WHAT I wanted to say, which I'll cut up according to relevence.

Yeah, I'll admit it, I am absolutely forcing myself to write on my worst days (even on my best it's starting to become a huge chore), honestly, I know few people here /actually/ read what I put out (Well, depending on what it is your reading, I barely work on my show anymore, I'm on wattpad working on my sci-fi story which I'm really proud of.)

Does that anger me? Noooo, honestly, sometimes some writings ain't for everybody, that I understand enough.

But, I mean, I struggle just as much as anybody, and as humans we do slightly crave that attention and acknowledgement (!!!Im…

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Birdpaw Birdpaw 22 November 2016

Serious Biz

First blog of November, whew, at least I don't have to worry about that.

Anyways, this is a sort of serious thing.

I'm going to be honest with you all, I've mentioned to several people that I've had serious writers block, mostly arose for several reasons.

I don't like sharing my stories because it makes me look like I just want the attention, which I guess I do. I'm insecure about my writing, and when I don't get much reaction or constructive criticism from it, I know it's not because I'm that good, it's because either people don't feel like it or just don't care enough. Mostly it's the fact that I don't want to specifically say 'Hey comment as well' without seeming like a egotistical person. (not saying anyone who does that is egotistical, i…

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Birdpaw Birdpaw 6 October 2016

Look at This

Did someone say bandwagon?

Of course, I'm just putting my two cents in, and for anyone who really needs my life story, feel free to ask, but I'm not going to put here unless asked.

From what I see, a LOT of people are going through depression and the like, and man, I know exactly how it feels. For example? I was sent to the hospital because I tried a very extreme alternative, which never would have solved my problems.

I'm now with someone I love very deeply, and even though my living arrangements is indeed making me more stressed, I rarely think that way. If I had gone through with it, I would have not gotten the chances I have, but I have them, and I don't want to lose them to my own mind (if that makes sense).

Anyone who does? I urge you to …

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Birdpaw Birdpaw 4 June 2016

I'm running out of Titles

This is a very serious blog, except in my own joking finesse

As none of you are aware because I have never talked about this, I get intense headaches on the top of my head that kind of usually drifts towards the left side sometimes? This literally happens around the same time everyday, but that's besides the point, I have been arguing with my family on the causes, since none of us are doctors and none of us know for sure.

So, today, I went to the doctors, he had me do several things as I explained my predictament, along with bad headaches, I've been having

- Memory problems (Like, I usually have the memory of an elephant, ever since this pain showed up, my memory has been completely wack)

- Trouble focusing (I space out unnaturally these days) …

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