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Warriors Fanfiction


I bet I had you fooled there!

I'm sorry I haven't been very active. I mean, I haven't had much time to talk to you all. Three reasons there;

  1. Computer was being a butt
  2. School's just started again
  3. Getting ready for my niece to arrive!


So my computer started being really annoying, and not loading up wikia, not this one or any. It was starting tyo bug out on other stuff too, like Grooveshark (music website) and chatrooms (Such as IRC). So I used my phone to go online for a few minutes, until it stopped bugging out.

I think it was because of the weather. It was raining really hard, then sunshine and rainbows five minutes later. It's been like that for a week D8


School started up last Monday, and I swear I think I have homework for every subject. I have two posters to make, and to make a model of my ideal bedroom. And label it. In french. GAH.

Plus, it's assessment week for the next two weeks, so we've been working so much, I swear I want to cry ;-; I came home one night and fell asleep on the sofa :P


&nbsp Yup, I said it! My brother and his girlfriend are having a baby! From the scans, we know it's a girl (well, I hope so, since we have about two things that a boy or girl could wear xD). She's due on 26th April, so she could arrive any day now! Every time the phone rings, I'm like 'AMG THE BABY' but it's mostly someone trying to sell stuff, or something.

I'll probably make another blog when my niece comes. They (my brother and his girlfriend) like the name Daisy, but for those of you who know my last name, well, it doesn't really work together, does it? :c I'd rather call her Zoey instead, because it works xD

I have a camera card thingy that can have 1580 pictures taken, and I'm going to take pictures of my little niece while she grows up! I plan on putting a few up on here possibly :3 I'll be putting them on my facebook as well, for the few that have me there. I'm also going to have a big photo album, to put the pictures in!

~ Birchy