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Birchy Birchy 19 November 2013

Greetings and Goodbyes.

It's been over a year since I last posted a blog. Well then.

Hey everyone! Most of you probably don't know who I am save for a few oldies or those who have heard of my legend... In other words, looking around the wiki and being like "...dafuq is dis chick."

Well pretty much I'm someone who fell in love with this wiki almost 4 years ago. That's a loooong time. I've been through most of the wiki's history, or at least heard anything from before my time. I joined as someone looking for a place to share my newfound love of the Warriors books, an ickle kid who wasn't even meant to be on the internet. I never thought that it would be both my starting on the internet properly. Before I knew about Wikia, I used to go on webs websites and do some veee…

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Birchy Birchy 23 July 2012



Okay, onto the point.

Warning! Users of this website, proceed with caution.

So today was the day my deepest darkest secret escaped.

I may as well tell you now. I have clones. Yes. There are currently two major clones running around, who are smart enough to comment on this website and use the IRC. Mostly they're on my userpage, blogs, and wolfgame. They are the only ones to have escaped from my head, but once they're out, they won't go back in. Those 2 clones are known as Birchy2 and yhcriB.

Birchy2 is the dark side of me. She is pure evil. When you find her at the best of times, she is sarcastic, rude, and mean. She plans to rule the world, destroying anyone in her path. She is tall and skinny, and looks just l…

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Birchy Birchy 22 April 2012

Auntie Birchy?


I bet I had you fooled there!

I'm sorry I haven't been very active. I mean, I haven't had much time to talk to you all. Three reasons there;

  1. Computer was being a butt
  2. School's just started again
  3. Getting ready for my niece to arrive!

So my computer started being really annoying, and not loading up wikia, not this one or any. It was starting tyo bug out on other stuff too, like Grooveshark (music website) and chatrooms (Such as IRC). So I used my phone to go online for a few minutes, until it stopped bugging out.

I think it was because of the weather. It was raining really hard, then sunshine and rainbows five minutes later. It's been like that for a week D8

School started up last Monday, and I swear I think I have homework for every subject. I…

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Birchy Birchy 10 April 2012

People Of Warriors Fanfiction! You Better Listen To That One!

Yes, I am 'that one'. But don't bite me. Il ike to bite you.

Hehe, okay, so for a long time (Three months, maybe?) I was editing a website I created, little by little. I got Star to make it all pretty :3 Then I abandoned it for about a month or two. Then yesterday, Star told me that it would be put up for Adoption, so I (and Star) finished it off.

Now, it's open!

What is?

My website! BlossomClan is a Warrior Cats roleplay, with one Clan to live in. Similar to JMC.

Joineth now!


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Birchy Birchy 23 January 2012


Hey guys. Okay, so I'm sure most of you know what's been going on around IRC. (If you don't, well, let's say there have been a lot of arguments).

You probably don't know, but I'm not the person who stands up for herself in real life. I'm pretty sure I have the type of OCD where you have to ask permission a million times and you hate to disappoint people you love. I usually just go with the flow.

I don't have many friends in real life who I can trust, because they can just walk away and leave because that;s the type of people they are. The one friend I can trust with my life is the one I can talk to about problems. If I get myself too involved, and they mess up that bond I make with them, I feel broken.

Seems like I'm involved in most arguments.…

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