Beginning GladeClan Anew?

So, I'm interested in starting my old roleplay GladeClan, but I understand that not many are interested. I'm looking for peopel interested in one of teh following:

  1. Picking up GladeClan with em from where we last left off.
  2. Doing a small timeskip and playing as slightly older characters from GladeClan.
  3. Doing a massive timeskip and creating new characters related to the old ones.
  4. Starting a completely new Warriors RP with me in the style of GladeClan.

GladeClan is super fun and super important to me, so your interest is appraciated. Also-

Current Warriors Roleplays?

I was wondering what the current, active rps were that you guys could reccomend, preferably ones which are easily accessible. 

Thanks for your time, everyone!

I am a Warrior. 21:49, February 20, 2015 (UTC)

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