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I started a crackfic about the Warriors rebelling and writig fanfics about us . . .

But I'm kind of new to the community an need help with two things:


I think this would turn out better if it was a collab, because A) I'm not that fabulous of an author and B) Most of you guys will have ideas about fanfics by your favorite cats to post about each other! Just wait for me to explain how it works.


I would ike permission to use you guys in the story. Otherwise they'll all be fanfics about me . . . (Talk about boring)

How It Works

The story id mostly made up of little fanfics about us posted in the midst of a conversation bteween the warrior carts and us. although the fanfics are written npormally, the dialog between us and the cats is in script form.

Thanks for your consideration!

Back and Better Than ever! 22:35, June 19, 2012 (UTC)

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