My roleplay site, GladeClan, has reached the end of its activity days. And I need some warriors fans to help me restart it up. Please. Below is a bit about GladeClan, which will hopefully speed you all along towards joining. If any of you wish to join, please message me through Wikia so we can begin discussing.

  • GladeClan (and RootClan) are roleplay sites running on weebly. go to here or here to see the rp sites.
  • They both have a Wikia which is used as both a forum for planning and an encyclopedia for chronicling. Go there to read about what has already happened in GladeClan.
  • GladeClan and RootClan are rp site smade by ACCreative Studios. At the moment, Accreative Studios is developing another RP site.

Those are the basics. I seriously, really, truly nee dyour help to keep my dream alive. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out the site and its awesome features, and consider joining thee site.

I'm counting on you all.

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