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Warriors Fanfiction

BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 20 February 2015

Warriors Roleplay

So, I'm interested in starting my old roleplay GladeClan, but I understand that not many are interested. I'm looking for peopel interested in one of teh following:

  1. Picking up GladeClan with em from where we last left off.
  2. Doing a small timeskip and playing as slightly older characters from GladeClan.
  3. Doing a massive timeskip and creating new characters related to the old ones.
  4. Starting a completely new Warriors RP with me in the style of GladeClan.

GladeClan is super fun and super important to me, so your interest is appraciated. Also-

I was wondering what the current, active rps were that you guys could reccomend, preferably ones which are easily accessible. 

Thanks for your time, everyone!

I am a Warrior. 21:49, February 20, 2015 (UTC)

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 8 December 2013

Warrior Cats Online

Well, this is a fanon prject so I thought it woudl do best in a blog. My ideas for a Warriors MMO.

  • Create a cat and help veel them up with unique skills!
  • Choose from either:
    • Story Mode, where you play as one of the four Clans
    • Free Mode, where you form your own Clan with friends.
  • Fight in battles againts other players
  • Hunt and go on patrols
  • Keep your cat's needs at 100% for maximum fun
  • Mate, and pass on your traits to kits.

  • Choose fur color
    • Ginger, White, Black, Brown, Grey
  • Choose Fur Markings
    • Patterns and Colors
  • Choose eye color


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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 10 November 2013

Help Needed


My roleplay site, GladeClan, has reached the end of its activity days. And I need some warriors fans to help me restart it up. Please. Below is a bit about GladeClan, which will hopefully speed you all along towards joining. If any of you wish to join, please message me through Wikia so we can begin discussing.

  • GladeClan (and RootClan) are roleplay sites running on weebly. go to here or here to see the rp sites.
  • They both have a Wikia which is used as both a forum for planning and an encyclopedia for chronicling. Go there to read about what has already happened in GladeClan.
  • GladeClan and RootClan are rp site smade by ACCreative Studios. At the moment, Accreative Studios is developing another RP site.

Those are the basics. I seri…

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 29 May 2013


I'm sure you all remember me irritating you all by consistingly advertising my RP site, GladeClan. I'm here to announce It'll soon be a year old! Since its start, weve had many cool plotlines, twists and characters! We've started an encyclopedia and created another Clan! All of its coming to a climax as the prophecized cats face RootClan- and a new era begins soon after! I'd seriously love any of you guys to come join us over at GladeClan! We really need more users, and we're reaching the perfect jumping on point. I hope you all consider.

-I am a Warrior. 00:24, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 3 March 2013

Complete Lack of Inspiration


I hate Writers block.

Anyway, my point was going to be that the Conspiracy and Sunfall will have to be pushed back ANOTHER month due to my complete lack of time and inspiration. Sowwy.

I am a Warrior. 19:25, March 3, 2013 (UTC)

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