Hey guys! Strikeh here! Yeah, title says it all. I am creating a show and I want you ppl to be in it. I would just like you guys to fill out the form below. (This is my third blog on this wiki and first of the month).

Title of show: Flight: Legacy of Threat

Fill out this: 

Name of character (Yeah, I definitely need that :D)

Rank (I either want an apprentice or warrior, but you be evil if you want)

Description and Gender (I definitely need this too)

Personality (Optional) (You can included this if you like, but I also need a negative thing about them)


Tawny: Amberpaw ~ white she-cat with blood red eyes. Has black paws and black and purple striped legs, as well as black and purplish-gray striped tail.

She is quiet, gentle, and easily (emotionally) hurt. Her power is Power Scream - a voice that can reach a peak so high it can pierce into cats' brains and like, stabilize them. 

Firestar: Fireheart ~ semi-long, ragged-furred red tom with blue eyes, a long fluffy tail, and a scar on left shoulder.

He is friendly, funny, likes talking to she-cats, and gets angry if somebody doesn't want to talk with him.

Fuzzy: Fuzzywhisker ~ black she-cat with a white underbelly, muzzle, and paws; and green eyes.

Her power is that she is able to turn into a black dire wolf.

Cinders: Cinderdapple ~ silver tabby she-cat with white paws, chest, and tail tip. Has one eye green and one amber.

Friendly, she is a great and very loyal friend. However, she is shy, and it takes a lot to get her out of her shell, but when she does, she is very talkative and has a lot to say. She has a strong opinion, and it takes a lot to change her mind about her opinion once she has made it up. She dislikes tension between other cats, and will often not take a side when an argument breaks out. She is fun loving and optimistic, but when a cat needs to share their feelings, she is willing to listen and say a few encouraging words.

Delta: Firestorm ~ muddy orange tom with green eyes, scar across his nose, and average tail.

Friendly, but prefers to be alone. Vicious in battle. Has a good memory, is a skilled warrior, and is quick. His weaknesses is heavy hits and talking to she-cats.

Silver: Silverbreeze ~ small silver tabby she-cat with very dark blue eyes.

Nice, insane, loves bunnies, and hates turtles. Hating turtles, good at fighting, and has a great sense of smell. Her weakness is flirting.

Nighty: Dapplepaw ~ white she-cat flecked with gray with green eyes.

She is quiet and antisocial, and prefers to be by herself than to be in a group. Is easily annoyed and can be quite snappy and rude at times. She loves to fight and can be a bit battle-hungry at times, but she's not evil. Her power is that she can take over other cats brains and like force them to do stuff.

Hermione: Sunbranch ~ golden tom with blue eyes.

He is shy at first, but if you get to know him he goes on forever. He is a very good-natured person. However, he can tend to get chicken out.

Red: Shoalpaw ~ silver-gray tabby she-cat with green eyes and one white paw.

Shoalpaw is very shy, and contrary to her name prefers the company of just her close friends as opposed to huge groups. She's quietly intelligent, but gets really awkward around toms and when placed in the center of attention. She doesn't do well under pressure.

Icy (with two cats): Icynight and Mysteryfeather

Icynight ~ blue-gray she-cat with black and white spots and ice blue eyes.

She is sweet, but can be shy, fierce, aggressive, impatient. She also can be calm and cool.

Mysteryfeather ~ reddish-brown with lighter brown speckles on her face and bright green eyes.

She is intelligent, incredibly smart, and is socially awkward, but athletic. Unlike most, she would rather spend her time learning new things instead of hanging out and she will try anything at least once. She is daring, aggressive, and has a rebellious streak, but for the most part keeps to herself. She is quite quick to anger, and has sharp wit and sharp tongue, incredibly resourceful, and analytic. She knows most things about most cats, likes to go on missions, and nothing will stop her from getting the job done.

Robo: Bluepetal ~ icy blue she-cat with white eyes and jet black paws.

Fierce and protective, but friendly. Creative and has lots of ideas, but she is lazy.

Ash: Hailpaw ~ black tom with white spots like a hailstorm and blue eyes.

Hailpaw always follows orders, keeps his promises, and is very loyal to his clan. He is respectful to all and therefore respected by all. He loves to hang out in the nursery and elder's den and will always be the first to volunteer to help them. He is terrified of water because of his traumatic experience as a kit.

Tangle: Ravensky ~ black tom with blue eyes and a torn ear. Friendly, but can be a little annoying at times.

Hello: Mintleaf ~ gray tabby she-cat with pale green eyes.

Fun, happy, friendly, enthusiastic, eager to learn, but sometimes too hard on herself.

Takumi: Wolfheart ~ deep brown she-cat with striking blue eyes, a deep cut on her left ear, and a scar across her right eye. She also has a bald patch on her back left foot. It's a scar also.

She is very protective and never gives in without a fight. She is also very stubborn, and likes to boss around apprentices, but somehow always gets a laugh out of it.

Lilly: Scarletfur ~ light ginger she-cat with watery blue eyes. She's sarcastic, but has a sense of humor.

Arti: Bramblepath ~ brown tabby she-cat with brilliant green eyes and one white paw (front left).

Bramblepath is stubborn, arrogant, extraordinarily intelligent, and rather socially awkward. She has lots of ambition and is a fantastic story teller. She excels at battle, but lacks the patience for hunting. Bramblepath longs to be a hero but struggles with herself. She's sarcastic and witty, occasionally vicious in her sarcasm.

Brighty: Brightsong ~ ginger and white she-cat with stormy blue eyes.

She is calm and peaceful. She acts like a leader and most cats look up to her. She is a good fighter, and will fight to the death if necessary, but is convinced that no cats need to fight and just tries to keep peace. Her faith to StarClan wavers at some points, after a misinterpreted omen that led to the death of both her parents and her brother.

Misty (with two cats): Skypaw and Songpaw

Skypaw ~ small, white she-cat with sky blue eyes

The opposite of her sister Songpaw, Skypaw is kind. She is often mocked by her siblings because she is so small, and she normally struggles to train because of it, but she is determined to prove her siblings wrong.

Songpaw ~ pretty, calico she-cat with more white then most calicoes and blue eyes.

She is stuck-up and mean. She is normally a bully, and she only cares about herself and her pelt.

Wetteh: Dappledstream ~ dark grey she-cat with lighter grey dappled patches on her pelt that makes it look like a stream. She has pale green eyes and a white tipped tail.

Is very quirky and enjoys making others laugh. Dappledstream is quite loud though, and tends to get on others nerves that don't understand her humor. If others ever insult her she usually becomes very quiet for a while and refuses to speak to anyone but a select group.

Leafy: Frostpaw ~ white she-cat with light blue eyes.

Frostpaw is quiet, although she has strong loyalty to her clan and those around her. She's not afraid to stand out for what she believes is right, even when her clanmates disagree. She usually does not talk to cats on her own, she does not like to hurt others and has a strong interest in herbs. She only became a warrior apprentice because her littermates wanted her to.

Jet: Mosswhisker ~ really pale tom with pale brown and silver patches and aqua-blue eyes.

He would do anything for sugar, and is hyperactive most of the time. His favorite, if not slightly weird, quote is: 'There's pretty much no line between insanity and genius, they're the same thing'. He can be pressured by his adopted dad to do things, but if some cat offers enough sugar he could do nearly anything. He has a special power and it is: he can find moss and water anywhere, and if he's on a sugar rampage anywhere he RUNS across will deteriorate and mostly fall apart. He's very loyal to his close family, and certain friends, and likes nudging cats for no sensible reason.

Rainy: Snakepaw ~ dark gray tom w/ shock of fur that sticks up on his head, glowing yellow-green eyes

Snakepaw is shockingly crafty for an apprentice. He is not solely evil, but not good either; he plays for whatever side he thinks will win. He is disloyal and crafty, and only cares about himself, though he knows how to play it so no one realizes his true motives. He has had a rough past, which may account for some of his personality.

Stormy: Mistpaw ~ small graceful fluffy pale light gray-white she-cat with a white muzzle, chest, underbelly, paws, ear tips and tail tip with pale light icy blue eyes. She has a long-lengthed winding tail and small pink nose and small shoulders and always has freshly-groomed fur.

Agile, but not strong. Also kind, modest and graceful. However, she tries too hard to be graceful and this often seems to other cats as showing off but these are not her true intentions. She acts stupid around her crush, Tornadopaw. She is a tad kittish and annoying. Not a fighter, average at hunting and a good strategist. Her power is that she can read memories. 

Spotty (with two cats): Flameypaw and Dawnmist

Dawnmist ~ cream and gray she-cat with a raggedy pelt and dull blue eyes. Has a scar over her muzzle.

She is quite wise and a good source of information. But she can be snappy, especially when apprentices, kits, and young warriors are annoying her.

Flameypaw ~ fluffy orange she-cat with bright green eyes. Is bright and bouncy, but very shy around new cats.

Gingerstripe: Whitetalon ~ pure white tom with green eyes. 

He's a loving, kind father and a wise warrior. He isn't fantastic at hunting. Rather opposite.

Thanks - Strikeh Darkness is rising 16:12, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

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