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So, yeah. I advise you guys to read any of my stories?

Have you guys read or show my show Flight: Legacy of Threat? I'm currently working on episode two so yeah. 


I need some names for my new story, Beyond The Perfect. Just leave one (and ONLY one) name [apprentice name AND if you like, a twoleg name. This will be realistic warriors (cat-humans) and I need actual names too, but I'll be using their apprentice name more] and a description if you like to include one. (I'll pick the best ones by the end of this week, but if your name doesn't get picked for the 9, the name will be used in the book anyway).


Just copy this or something. YOU MUST DO BOTH.

Human Features 

Hair color/length: Ex. short black hair

Eye color (the human/cat eyes are the same): Ex. dark gold eyes

Cat Features 

Tail color/markings/other: Ex. long-furred, fluffy mottled brown tail.

Ear color/markings/other: Ex. tufted, brown ears


I need 3 tom and 6 she-cat names (Along with the twoleg/human name) (So far I have all 6 she-cats and 2 toms)


Flowerpaw ~ Sarah (Mistybrook) (blonde hair, white ears and tail tip; pretty ocean blue-green eyes)

Breezypaw ~ Sophia (Feather)

Leafpaw ~ Megan (Dawn) (long brown hair, gray tail and ears with white tips, blue eyes, tan skin)

Mistkit ~ Melissa (GJHUSKY) (long, brown hair with blonde tips; brown tail and ears with golden tips, green eyes)

Sunpaw ~ Sydney (Stormy) (long, wavy golden hair, golden ears & tail with black tips; amber eyes, average skin)

Morningpaw ~ Jenny (Red) (Short, pixie-cut red hair, mottled red tail, dark russet ears and tail tip; pale green eyes)


Barkpaw ~ Zach (Tangle) (spiky, black hair; light brown ears and tail; blue eyes)

Tornpaw ~ Oscar (HIMG) (short, mousy hair, russet coloured ears and tail; bright amber eyes)

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