Yay. I caught your attention!

The meaningless (it has a meaning but not a meaning at the same time… that doesn't make since right?) title is made just for your entertainment.

This has NOTHING to do with either Unicorns, Fluffiness, and Dragons. (Oh, Question of the Day! What do they have in common? Answer : They are cool. ;)

Oh and blob in computing stuff means binary large objects.

Well, anyways this has something to do with my fan fictions in the future. Some updates and stuff like that and some stuff in my personal life.

First, about my fan fictions.

Wind Series is on a short 2 week hiatus. Yes, a hiatus. Breezeflight is right now in the medicine cat's den because he had a severe wound and cannot film anything right now. So yeah. (Really, I sort of need a small break of Wind Series) It is decided that there will be Three Planned Seasons and no more than that (unless it is really popular like War and Cold.

I have a new trilogy called Broken It features Shatter send his friends and such. It is slightly based off of Divergent (the first book, and very mildly) and The Hunger Games (And I mean the trilogy. I got the idea from the Hunger Games). I have the plot all planned out. And I have some polls you people need to answer : (just survive me for two polls, only two)

Some of my stories are for adoption also.

Next is about my stuff in real Life that has something to do with Fanfictions

I am taking a vacation to South Kooorea! We didn't buy the tickets yet but it is certain, my friends.

The vacation is in late December through early-mid January (still some time away).

But I will have slightly poor internet ('cause my grandparents never spend their time on the Internet; they just got wifi like six months ago) That means that i will spend less time on WFW.

Also something completely unrelated to WFW:

My mother thinks that I can go to a private school somewhere in the world. Yep, a private school where you need to take a test. And it is right before the day of my trip to Korea.

So… not so good stuff too.

My blog came out longer than I thought it will be.

But this will be a—

Someone from the audience: Where is the Goodbye Cake?

Me: I told you that there isn't a Goodbye Cake!


So… Toodles!

You can't be fearless, but you can conquer your fears. That is the meaning of brave.

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