Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Everyone is making them now.

Mine is no different.

I am pretty sure mine is approved, if not, please tell me.

For my first contest, I will make just a classic one.

A plain classic. Nothing special…

…with a twist.

(Probably I am competing with Firey and Phoenix Flight and all those people)

What twist?

You must make a sad ending or a cliffhanger in the end. (Don't make it too sad because there are younger players around)


  • Must be appropriate.
  • Must be finished by the deadline, November 10. I will only give ONE extension of three days and you MUST have a good explanation why you were late. Or else you wouldn't be in the contest.
  • No sore losers.
  • Chapter limit is 20 (unless you make one chapter per sentence, which will never happen.)
  • This is a SHORT STORY!
  • Please put DONE on the top of your page if you are finished.
  • Please make another page for the contest story, not on the "comments" section.
  • Have fun!

Contestants Form:


Story title/link:




I will take only ONE extra judge.

Not a first come first serve basis.


1. Must be fair. Not the type like "I will give you -19387372828/20 cause I hate you." or "I will give you 283747328832/20 cause you are my bestest friend in the world!" (I know that bestest isn't a word)

2. Read everything carefully as possible. Very carefully and look how I judge it. Then leave a detailed (not a 1-2 sentenced comment) comment with constructive criticism and praise and their score. Give reasoning about why they got the score. (This requirement is hard, I know.)

3. Must read at least one story per day and must comment at least twice a week.



How long are you going to be judging?

Why you want to be a judge:

If you are judge, here is the way I judge:

Made up acronyms:

MPYCG = Most points you can get

Grammar/spelling = MPYCG 3/20

Creativity = MPYCG 7/20

Description = MPYCG 4/20

Everything else = 6/20

And… prizes!

Prizes! Everyone loves prizes!

Here are the list of prizes:

Participants: Banner saying that they competed

Third place: Banner and a siggy coded by me.

Second place: Banner, fancy siggy.

First place: Banner, Digital (not professional) drawing of any character of a cat by me, fancy siggy, and recognition in my next episode in Wind.

Have FUN!


Firey | In Justice, There's Love

Blade | Defied

Vee | This is Real

Aurora | Burning Soul