I guess this is a form of advertising I guess.

This is a blog to tell you about the opening of the sign ups of Flame. You make a character, then I will try to put your character in the story. Please make your character descriptive enough. Up to two cats per person and your cat may die so please don't get too attached to it. Also, please don't get a hissy fit if your cat isn't in Flame. If your cat doesn't really match the storyline, I may not out him/her in.

Delete all the words in [the brackets].

I will not accept any characters not following the guideline, no matter how wonderful that cat is.

Bad Example:

Name: Sarahstar of SarahClan

Loner, Nameless, or kittypet: leader of Nameless and SarahClan

Description: beautiful silver tabby

Personality: kind, awesome, helpful

History: orphan at birth, teased because she was a kittypet. She rose to be a leader.

Alive or Dead: Alive.

This example makes 'Sarahstar' an awesome leader. Bad. No flaws about her. Not complete sentences. If I were an English teacher, I would give it a Z. Not a F. I consider Zs as the worst grade possible. Worst than a lousy F. (This is only true in my imagination world.)



Name [Not a clan name, something like Crow or Rushing River etc.]:

Loner, Nameless, or kittypet [or something along those lines]:

Description [must be over 3 sentences]:

Personality [must be over 4 sentences]:

History [must be over 4 sentences]:

Alive or dead [I control the fate of every character, however you may say if you want the character to be dead or alive in the end]:

Evil or Good [Same as above. If you prefer it to be evil, I will try to match your wants.]:


My last warning. If your cat isn't descriptive or your cat is a Gary Stu/Mary Sue I will have to delete it.

I am pretty sure no one would read this and a bunch of fans come along to make this but if there is a chance (that would be 1/9999999999 chance), I need to make a limit of characters signed up. Seven cats will get in.

Oh and please comment and read Flame as well!


This is… I guess advertising my other stories.

Coward is one of my favorite stories. I started writing it when I was in third grade but I stopped in fourth. I found my drafts about it the other day and decided to put it up in this warriors fanfiction site. (But more revised and edited though.) It still follows my 3rd grade storyline. No sign ups for this one.

Wind is a trilogy that is barely started. But it is still awesome. It is my only story that has actual clans in it. No sign ups for this one too.

Please comment and read my stories! Every feedback counts!

(I am a noob. I know.)

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