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  • I live in In the magical world of Oz.
  • My occupation is hating Leo for reviving and hating Percy because he acts like he is so awesome.
  • I am magical
  • Autumn Leaves

    Mom? Seriously?

    Okay... I have been officially banned from the computer or the iPad.

    Yes. My grades are a little lower so I am not allowed to do the computer or any electronic devices. Only for education.

    Reading Fanfictions aren't that educational. I had to admit that.

    The ban is for about the rest of this month. It sucks but I might be able to do some time. Like for five minute intervals.

    Everything will be on a haitus. Everything will be sort of... inactive.

    Sorry guys. For the stories, I will be writing them. On paper.

    My mom is slightly strict. And after the month shows some improvement, she will let me do the electronic thing for about one hour per day. I don't think I can do that.

    Byee (for now) ~

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  • Autumn Leaves

    Yay. I caught your attention!

    The meaningless (it has a meaning but not a meaning at the same time… that doesn't make since right?) title is made just for your entertainment.

    This has NOTHING to do with either Unicorns, Fluffiness, and Dragons. (Oh, Question of the Day! What do they have in common? Answer : They are cool. ;)

    Oh and blob in computing stuff means binary large objects.

    Well, anyways this has something to do with my fan fictions in the future. Some updates and stuff like that and some stuff in my personal life.

    First, about my fan fictions.

    Wind Series is on a short 2 week hiatus. Yes, a hiatus. Breezeflight is right now in the medicine cat's den because he had a severe wound and cannot film anything right now. So yeah. (Really, I sor…

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  • Autumn Leaves

    Contest: Just a classic

    September 15, 2014 by Autumn Leaves

    Everyone is making them now.

    Mine is no different.

    I am pretty sure mine is approved, if not, please tell me.

    For my first contest, I will make just a classic one.

    A plain classic. Nothing special…

    …with a twist.

    (Probably I am competing with Firey and Phoenix Flight and all those people)

    What twist?

    You must make a sad ending or a cliffhanger in the end. (Don't make it too sad because there are younger players around)


    • Must be appropriate.
    • Must be finished by the deadline, November 10. I will only give ONE extension of three days and you MUST have a good explanation why you were late. Or else you wouldn't be in the contest.
    • No sore losers.
    • Chapter limit is 20 (unless you make one chapter per sentence, which will never happen.)
    • This is a SHORT STO…
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  • Autumn Leaves

    Characters and stuff

    September 7, 2014 by Autumn Leaves

    I guess this is a form of advertising I guess.

    This is a blog to tell you about the opening of the sign ups of Flame. You make a character, then I will try to put your character in the story. Please make your character descriptive enough. Up to two cats per person and your cat may die so please don't get too attached to it. Also, please don't get a hissy fit if your cat isn't in Flame. If your cat doesn't really match the storyline, I may not out him/her in.

    Delete all the words in [the brackets].

    I will not accept any characters not following the guideline, no matter how wonderful that cat is.

    Bad Example:

    Name: Sarahstar of SarahClan

    Loner, Nameless, or kittypet: leader of Nameless and SarahClan

    Description: beautiful silver tabby

    Personality: kin…

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