Yes yes, I know what you are thinking. Another contest?? Really?! This one is different though so keep reading. I have decided that we needed some seasonal pictures! Christmas time on WFW!!!


Yes there are requirements. That way I can actually judge them. xD

-You must include holiday like things in it. This can include Christmas, Hanukkah, and any other holidays.

-You must include at least 3 cats in the picture

-Must be done by Christmas Day, December 25th

-When it is finished post it here then I will post it here.


I will be basing the entire thing on the requirements. In my mind there are no favorites so this is all about skill. I would like three other judges.

1st Judge: Misty

2nd Judge: Nighty

3rd Judge: Arti

Hostess: Me!

A Few Ideas

-Base the picture off of a fanfic

-Base the picture off of your friends and how you imagine your Christmas would be like

-Use cats from fanfics and include them

-Make your WFW friends into cats and include them


1st place: A cheerful customized siggie, a character in The Army Series, a character in A Wolf's Light Heart, rights to name a kit in each story, and bragging rights

2nd place: A cheerful customized siggie, a character in AWLH, rights to name a kit in AWLH, and bragging rights

3rd place: A cheerful customized siggie, rights to name a kit in AWLH, and bragging rights

4th place: A cheerful customized siggie and bragging rights

Everyone else: Bragging rights! :D


To join comment and I will add you here. If I could I would say that everyone can enter but I can't so...15 people can enter. I doubt I will but if I get full I might be able to add a few. Until then:

1st: Jet

2nd: Icy

3rd: Ninja

4th: Red

5th: Fuzzy

6th: Rainy

7th: Robo

8th: Cinder

9th: Wetty







Completed Pictures

Ta Da!

Ta da!! Have fun! Happy drawing! Don't forget finish by December 25th!!

Merry Merry Merry Merry Christmas!! 19:13, December 26, 2012 (UTC)

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