Yes I am judging! Shocking right? xD Here we go!

But First...

Everyone is a winner! While 9 people entered, only 5 people actually drew their pictures. *glares* I have decided to judge the entire thing myself though because of how long I took to get here. xD Also because Robo has two entries, I am going to count them as two different places because Robo made her sister draw one. Cheater :P But because of that I will make it so say if Jet got 2nd place then Robo's sister can also get 2nd place. Understand? And that was just an example. :p Anyway! Onward!

5th Place goes to...!

Warriors Kit Christmas
Jet did an amazing job! It was really hard to pick 5th place because I loved every picture I recieved. I finally chose Jet's pic because it has the least detail. Lots of detail! But alas, less than the others' pictures. Jet used pretty colors and even included WFW and NC cats! Congrats Jet! You win bragging rights!

4th Place goes to...!

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 4.49.14 PM
Red did a wonderful job! The detail Red used in her picture are amazing. One of the reasons Red didn't get 3rd place was because there was no color to it. It is really well drawn but would be better if there was color. It's cute that Red made the present "To Oakclaw From Shadowsong." Congrats Red! You win a cheerful customized siggie and bragging rights!

3rd Place goes to...!

Cinderstar of ThunderClan!
Christmas Darkness Rising Cats
Cinder did a stunning job! Cinder's picture was really well drawn and has a great use of color and technique. It's really cool that you used characters from your story Darkness Rising. My only problem with it was there was no pretty colored background. Congrats Cinder! You win a  cheerful customized siggie, rights to name a kit in AWLH, and bragging rights!

2nd Place goes to...!

Epic unicorn!
Fuzzy did an incredible job! Fuzzy's picture has everything; well drawn, color usage, and background prettyness.It was really hard to choose between 1st and 2nd place so I finally decided on Fuzzy for no reason other than the winner has more detail on the background. Congrats Fuzzy! You win a cheerful customized siggie, a character in AWLH, rights to name a kit in AWLH, and bragging rights! Robo's sister also won 2nd place!
Winter Picture Contest Entry
Robo made her sister make an entry but also entered herself. Apprantly they are seperate entries. :P Robo's sister doesn't get all the prizes but I have decided that she gets to name a kit in AWLH. Congrats!

And finally...1st place goes to...!

Winter pictureee
Robo did an unbelieveable job! Robo's picture has great color usage, characters from a story (Songflight's Journey By Rainy), is well drawn, detail, and a detailed background. Robo did a fantastic job on drawing this picture and for reminding me almost every time I got on. :P Congrats Robo! You win a cheerful customized siggie, a character in TAS, a character in ALWH, rights to name a kit in each story, and bragging rights.

The End

And that's the end!

My contest is FINALLY over, offcially. Peace out!

Ashy Drops of Dew are falling... 23:07, March 21, 2013 (UTC)

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