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Yes I am judging! Shocking right? xD Here we go!

  • 1 But First...
  • 2 5th Place goes to...!
  • 3 4th Place goes to...!
  • 4 3rd Place goes to...!
  • 5 2nd Place goes to...!
  • 6 And finally...1st place goes to...!
  • 7 The End

Everyone is a winner! While 9 people entered, only 5 people actually drew their pictures. *glares* I have decided to judge the entire thing myself though because of how long I took to get here. xD Also because Robo has two entries, I am going to count them as two different places because Robo made her sister draw one. Cheater :P But because of that I will make it so say if Jet got 2nd place then Robo's sister can also get 2nd place. Understand? And that was just an example. :p Anyway! Onward!

Jetfeather! Jet did an amazing job! It…

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Ash622 Ash622 17 December 2012

Contestants and Judges of my Writing Contest! Come Here!

Hello!! I made this so that I can post winners and have the judges actually do something and judge. xD I will post the winners after the judges put their scores for each story in the comments. The winners will go here:

  • 1 4th Place
  • 2 3rd Place
  • 3 2nd Place
  • 4 1st Place
  • 5 Thank You
  • 6 Reminder

Jet with The Riverbank's Secret and a score of 10.25!

Jet chose Turtlepaw and Foxpaw as the main characters. Jet didn't quite finish but explained why. Turtlepaw and Foxpaw were interesting characters. Jet made the story a humorous story while staying on track mostly. I enjoyed the humor! Congratulations Jet!

Your prize is a custom siggie. Put the siggie you want here and I will get it done asap! :D

Ducky with Imprudent and Meek and a score of 11.5!

Ducky chose Lilacpaw a…

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Ash622 Ash622 6 December 2012

Seasonal Drawing Contest!!

Yes yes, I know what you are thinking. Another contest?? Really?! This one is different though so keep reading. I have decided that we needed some seasonal pictures! Christmas time on WFW!!!

  • 1 Requirements
  • 2 Judging
  • 3 A Few Ideas
  • 4 Prizes
  • 5 Contestants
  • 6 Completed Pictures

Yes there are requirements. That way I can actually judge them. xD

-You must include holiday like things in it. This can include Christmas, Hanukkah, and any other holidays.

-You must include at least 3 cats in the picture

-Must be done by Christmas Day, December 25th

-When it is finished post it here then I will post it here.

I will be basing the entire thing on the requirements. In my mind there are no favorites so this is all about skill. I would like three other judges.

1st Judge: Mist…

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Ash622 Ash622 4 December 2012

Daily Fun Facts!!

Hello!! I have decided to start a fun fact blog! Each day I will add a new fun fact with the date. It will be random so anything can pop up!! Have fun!! If you have an idea for a fun fact, message me here. Thanks and have fun!!

  • 1 12-3-2012
  • 2 12-4-12
  • 3 12-5-12
  • 4 12-6-12
  • 5 12-7-12
  • 6 12-8-12
  • 7 12-9-12
  • 8 12-10-12
  • 9 12-11-12
  • 10 12-12-12
  • 11 12-13-12
  • 12 12-14-12
  • 13 12-15-12
  • 14 12-16-12
  • 15 12-17-12
  • 16 12-18-12
  • 17 12-19-12
  • 18 12-20-12
  • 19 12-21-12
  • 20 12-22-12
  • 21 12-23-12
  • 22 12-24-12
  • 23 12-25-12
  • 24 12-26-12
  • 25 1-9-13

Fun Fact for the Day: The Washington Redskins are not actually from Washington. They are the NFL team for Washington DC. There IS a difference!! This has been a fun fact by Ash! :p

Fun Fact for the Day: If Facebook was a country, it would be the third largest in the world, with more than …

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Ash622 Ash622 2 December 2012

A Random Blog

So I feel like making a blog just cuz! :p Anyway Robo showed this hilarious video so you should watch it now:

It's hilarious!! I loved it and it makes a lot of sense.

But that's the only reason I made this blog. That and the fact that I am;

  1. Bored
  2. It's a funny video.
  3. I haven't made a blog in a while.
  4. I am advertising my newest fanfic, A Wolf's Light Heart. (Go read it now. I like it)
  5. ...That's all I can think of right now...
  6. Oh! And I am reminding all the contestants in my contest that they have about a week and a half left to finish their fanfic.

That's it I think.

Ash out! Peace!

Band geek! Of course animals win in a fight though... so Trout would still beat Bush! :p 23:…

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