I know, I know. This is my fourth/fifth blog in the last few days. But shush! Most of the other ones were important! Especially that one about you know who ruling the world. (RUN!)

ANYWAYS! Speaking of you-know-who, I have a very important announcement to make. Icy, our second rolly hasn't been active in forever. So I'm replacing her. After a lot of thought and decision, I came to a conclusion about who I had to pick. I had to pick someone who I knew could handle the pressure, but wouldn't go crazy or something. They had to be mature, been on the wiki for a while, know about stuff, and generally be a good user. And so, I present to you, the newest member of our staff...the fantastic, all-around bananas user ZAFFIE'!!!!!!!'

I know it's like....really late in the great ol' land of Aus' so she probably won't see this for a while. xD But yeah, she deserved it and I think I've over-looked her in the past because I felt she wasn't mature enough to handle it- but then I realized I was being a derp. So welcome to the staff Zaffie! You earned it!

On another note, I'm going away to camp for a week. I leave tomorrow in the evening and I'll return...um...not really sure when, but in about five days. So Bird's in charge! And if I get back and there's some kind of Civil War going on- because let's be honest, these things ALWAYS happen when the admin is away- I will be very ticked off. I won't be able to check in or anything, because the camp is strict no electronics. *sob*

So congrats to our new rolly Zaffie! And I promise not to post any more blogs for at least 5 days, starting tomorrow! (Geddit? Geddit? :D)

--ArtiTalk? :D 16:24, June 16, 2012 (UTC)

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