I know a few of you have probs noticed I've been absentee the past few days. And let me correct you- lurking like a creeper in the bushes at the park, not absent.

I've been watching how things have progressed over the past week or so since what I shall refer to as What Should Never Have Happened. And you know what? I have a single piece of advice, and for those of you who are adverse to people telling you how to run your life, shush and read anyways.

Grow up.

No, scratch that, grow the freaking frackity hell up.


I've been too ticked off to write anything over the past few days, and mostly because if I wrote anything too offensive everyone would leave and then I would just be...well, alone. But everyone else seems to be able to get their opinions out, so here's mine.

You guys want the truth? This is the internet. I am not your mother (though I'm secretly a little awesomed by the fact you all think I am) and it's not my job to discipline you in any way other then, you screw with the wiki you're out. And I think that's how I need to take my job a little more from now on.

I tried to be empathetic. When someone came to me 'Oh, so and so keeps insulting my taste in music' 'So and so yells at me, but I don't have any screenshots or legit proof' I would listen and I would try to sort out the problems. But you know what?

We are, to put it in the words of the not-as-awesome-as-Thor/Loki-but-still-pretty-awesome Bruce Banner 'We are not a team. We're a chemical mixture. We're a time bomb.'

Because that's how it works. We're all friends and once every two months or so we start to heat up and then before you know it we explode and fiery pieces of crap are raining down on the wiki, and mostly whatever sorry admin is heading it up at the time.

And I'm sick of it.

I love you guys to pieces. A few of you I would even consider meeting in real life without being armed with pepper spray just in case. But you put me in charge, and so now I have to be the dumb grown-up while the rest of you cavort about (don't you just love that word?)

Yeah, I know I'm being kind of a bitch right now. And I'm sorry. But after a huge argument in which two of my trusted staff members had their rights removed, I am not up to dealing with teens with the minds of toddlers screeching at each other about hair. It's like Forest used to say- I won't always be Arti or Arts or whatever. Sometimes I have to be Artimas. Which sounds awesome and dramatic, but it kinda sucks. And that's pretty much what being admin is like, for those of you who are curious. You are always different because while people love and admire you sometimes, they can turn on you and leave you stranded on a tiny island in a sea of flames before you know it. And don't count on your friends always being there- I've known maybe...one or two people on here who have pretty much stuck with me through everything, the stupid, the bad, the ugly, and the worse.

That's not to say you all are bad friends. But keep in mind, this is years worth of hurt pouring out.

And if you're leaving? I'm sorry, love you guys. Go your own way because I'm pretty sure your the smart ones. And I may regret this whole blog later, but this is how I'm feeling now and despite the lovely hard-ass image I keep, I do have feelings too sometimes. And when it sucks that some of my friends are jumping ship after I've lost so many, the only thing I can really say if 'Wow, I wish they did it for something that wasn't as dumb as this.'

So yeah, bring on the half sympathetic half 'Arti, pull yourself together' comments. I'll be here, lurking. But I wouldn't count on any IRC or edits for a few more days. My life sucks enough right now without adding in more drama.

Arti out.

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