Hey all!

I'm thinking of starting a series. But since I have soooo many other things going on, I wanted to ask you guys if you thought it was worth it.

It's called 'The Nine Lives of Nostar'. It's about this tom, Yarrowheart. He's deputy and he really would like to be leader. So he kills his leader off and goes off to get his nine lives. And the ceremony is going great. Until his leader, who is to give him his last life comes up. And he's ticked (obviously. xDD) So he curses Yarrowheart. Instead of becoming Yarrowstar like he wanted, he is given a new name- Nostar- and is sent to live nine different lives- each embodying one of the lives the cats gave him- to redeem himself.

Each story (besides the shorter, first and last stories) would be it's own, but at the same time part of a series. It would be a full life of a cat who has to live up to the life given to Nostar. For instance, say someone was like 'With this life, I give you love. Blah blah'. That book would revolve around Nostar relearning how to love.

Get it?

And because I want you guys to like this because I'm actually starting to get really excited about it- here's the prologue!


He turns and his eyes widen. My claws unsheathe and I stare directly into Lionstars golden eyes. They are defiant, but I see a hint of fear in them. That makes me happy. It gives me a reason to do this. Another reason I mean. I have my own reasons. But now I know for sure this is right. Because a leader should never be scared.

"Yarrowheart," Lionstar meows calmly, "What are you-"

But I refuse to let him make me doubt myself. I am sure-footed and know I am right. I lunge at him. He dodges, but I have spent moons watching him fight, learning his strength and weaknesses. I have trained for moons for this moment. The moment I will take charge.

So I swerve to the left knowing full well the injury in last moon's battle with ShadowClan will be slowing him down. He doesn't get out of the way fast enough. I knock him to the ground and pin him down. He struggles, and I quickly rip at his throat.

Then it's done.

I hop away from his lifeless body and lick my paws clean of his blood. I smirk at his corpse.

"I win," I murmer softly. Then I remove the tufts of my fur form in between his claws and hide them in his nest. Leaving Lionstar behind, I strut outside, to camp, trying to make myself as grief-stricken as possible. But even the shock on my Clanmates face and the horror I am trying to convey cannot stop the warm feeling in my heart.

"Lionstar is dead!"

What do you think? Should I start it? Hurry up and comment because I do kind of want to get writing soon. xD --ArtiTalk? :D 21:09, January 22, 2012 (UTC)

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