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This blog is about exactly what the title says it is.

So...let's start!

First off- please remember our new IP rule, we WILL start enforcing that. I'm on spring break, so I have nothing to do but get rid of IPs. Thanks.

Second, if you aren't already, you should be reading my fantastic Chosen Series. It's kind of like Matched if any of you have ever read that. Instead of getting sent back to Half Moon, I send poor Jayfeather into the future where he discovers the Clans still living- but in no way any Clan has ever lived before. It's pretty fantastic and right now there's an epic cliff-hanger. :)

Third, a few of you have been asking me about Moon and Stars. We lost Forest, Bloody, and possibly Moonstar. I know Bloody is still active, but he quit while this was in progress, then rejoined again and (I think) has recently left again (?) so I'm replacing him. And Moonstar hasn't edited for over two months and has some crazy account stuff going on.

Foresty leaving basically tore the plot apart seeing as how her character was all set up to be my major villain. And I'm not going to use her character without her allowance (and not even then) so we're going to be needing a new bad guy, a new meddy cat, and another apprentice.

Maple has already volunteered to be medicine cat, so if you are interested, please comment below with a character who is EITHER A BAD GUY OR AN APPRENTICE. I'm not looking at anything else. Please see here for more details if you are interested.

FINALLY- Y'all remember Firefly? The best series ever? Well I am beginning the second set very soon! So for those of you who don't know what it is (Or who forgot. *shakes fist*) here's a blurb:

Firefly is anything but ordinary. She lives in the Topsy-turvy world of the City where it is divided into two sections. Her father, the leader of the weaker poorer side, and the leader of the more elite side, Drakon are forever clashing. But Firefly's best friend is Cobweb, the son of Drakon. But when she discovers that her choices are to marry her best friend or die, she has to run away from everything she's ever known and into the forest...

It's pretty fantastic.


--ArtiTalk? :D 21:39, April 1, 2012 (UTC)

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