I know a lot of the times, when Forest and I were admins together, Forest was the bad cop and I was the good cop most of the times. Well, today I will be playing Artimas Hunter as The Bad Cop.

So, when I get home from vacation (which was lovely, I rode a camel, fed a giraffe, lived in a yurt, thanks for asking) I come on here. Apparently, while I was gone, some users got together and decided to be vigilante jurors.

The users I am talking about are Violetofen4, Forestpaw13, Wetstream, Birdpaw, and Stargaze66. I bet several of you can tell how ticked off I am already by the fact I am using their full user names.

I talked to four users from all different sides of the argument, and this is the most unbiased story I will tell you.

Violetofen4 decided that she wanted 'closure' (*cough*revenge*cough*) on Bloodstar18, a user who she had clashed with many times before. She rallied the troops, which would be the aforementioned users, and led them all onto the IRC where they donned fake nicks and waited for Violetofen4 to lure Bloodstar18 on, telling him they were going to play a 'Court Game'.

Many of you who have already heard of this are probably wondering why I left someone out of this. Birchy was involved as well, however I have heard form several reliable sources that she was away from her keyboard while this was going on and by the time she got back, the Court had already begun and she didn't know what was going on. Therefore, I have excluded her from the punishment the others will receive.

Anyways, when Bloodstar18 arrived, the users 'unmasked' so to speak, revealing their true identities. Violetofen4 led them in harassing Bloodstar18. According to the stories I've listened to, the users involved were 'holding Bloodstar18 accountable for what he'd done'. They continued to harass him and he left, only to be brought back again.

There were a lot of PMs between people and the rest I don't feel you need to know. Honestly, it's mostly just lies and gossiping and back-stabbing.

I assume many of you have also heard the story about how Zaffie was bullying Violetofen4. I can tell you that these rumors are only partially true. I won't get into details, but Zaffie was trying to play a prank on Violetofen4, a prank that went a little too far. However I believe this story has been greatly exaggerated, and therefore, Zaffie will receive no punishment.

The punishments are as follows:

  • Violetofen4 - Lifetime ban. I warned this user repeatedly to toe the line after she returned from her nine month ban, and within the first month of her return she starts a vigilante court while I was away.
  • Forestpaw13 and Stargaze66- a three day ban for their involvement in harassing Bloodstar18.
  • Birdpaw - though she didn't harass Bloodstar18 like the others, she still took part and didn't stop it. Therefore, I am demoting her to rollback but not banning her.
  • Wetstream and Birchy- since both of these users were mostly away from the computer/uninvolved with the Court, neither of them will be banned.

For those of you who think this punishments are unfair- don't even bother telling me unless you have a LEGITIMATE REASON. Violetofen4 was warned repeatedly about toeing the line and the moment I leave, she does this. The others... the others were some of my closest friends. And they took part in this, probably knowing it was wrong. And if they didn't think they were doing anything wrong, why would they do it while I was gone? They dredged up things that should have been left alone and for that they are being punished.

I cannot even begin to explain how angry I am. But I can assure you, if ANYONE ever thinks about handling 'justice' in this way again... they will be banned for quite a long time. I am always here if you think a punishment needs to be given, taken away, lengthened, or shortened. But DO NOT EVER decide it's YOUR job to do something. That is MY job and it sucks enough without having to ban my friends who decide they know what's best when they only make things worse. I really do hate this as much as most of you probably do, but things like this can't happen.

Based on this, I have decided to demote Birdpaw from administrator to rollback. I've decided to let you do a vote to see who the new administrator will be. This has only been done a few times before, mostly in very...well, dire is over-dramatic, but...urgent situations.

Please do not vote if you have not been on the wiki for at least two weeks. In the comments, please choose between Zaffie and Birchy as to who you want as the next admin. It's a tough call, I love both of them to death, and I'm mostly pawning this off on you because I can't make a decision. xD If you want another option, such as appointing a totally new admin or keeping me as the only admin, say so. I truly hate to do this, but it seems the best way.

Please write your comments like so-

I choose Derp because Derp is good at solving fights and has never once gutted a chinchilla.

When voting, keep in mind:

  • Who is active
  • Who is good at solving fights
  • Who would make a good leader

And other things like that.

Thank you, I'm truly, truly, utterly completely honestly insanely upset about all of this.


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