Sometimes as writers with our own exciting stories and ideas, we forget that a big part of this site is about reading too.

Back a few months ago, we had a lot of people complaining that no one read their stories. And it's not like that now, but I just wanted to remind you all to make sure you appreciate others' stories as much as we appreciate yours.

Another thing. some of you might not remember this, but we used to do a thing called Featured Stories. First Sunny, then I did it. I would pick six users totally randomly and they would tell me their stories which would be advertised for a month. Everyone involved in the program had to read those stories- or try to, and comment. It didn't always work, but it made people involved and happier. And it's been inactive for a while, but I'm starting it up again. If you're not in the program, comment on here that you'd like to be and I'll add you. I'll pick names the 1st of November and contact you if you've won. You can get more information here: Featured Stories

I try to 'Random Page' and read/comment on as many stories as I can. That's a good way to read a lot of good stories and to be surprised.

Also, when commenting on stories, try to be helpful, not just generic. I've noticed that a lot of my comments are basically 'This is good! Write more!'. But the best comments are the kind that tell you it's good, why it's good, or what could be better. So I'll try to start being better about that.

I love reading almost as much as, or even more the writing. And I bet a lot of you do to. And I know we all love getting our stories read/commented on.

So let's work together to be readers as well as writers. :)


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