First, let me point out that Zaf didn't copyright Collabing, so I am free to do this! AHA!

So, I'm making a Collab.



I am accepting 5 other users, the first five to comment on this blog. Please read the following things to find out if you qualify to enter!


  • You must be an ACTIVE USER. As in, gets on more then once a week and at least once a day.
  • You must BE ABLE TO GET ON THE IRC! This is where I will talk to you about plot lines and such. This way plots and such stay secret from the rest of the wiki.
  • You must be able to handle people telling you to fix your chapter or something. I'm not dealing with quitters. If you act immature or just can't deal with people telling you to fix something, don't enter.
  • I am making this. This means I will be Epic Plot-Master. I will try to let you have a ton of creative freedom, but remember, I'm trying to get a story here, not a random collab. So be prepared to follow directions.

The Plot

Do you qualify? Great! Now here's the plot for the story...

I've noticed that a lot of the stories here deal with Clans and cats that are very different from the very beginning of Warriors, the essence of the series. Cats break the code left and right and have adventures left and right. So I will take this back to the beginning. Back before One-eye's grandmother was kitted. And our story will consist of six cats and their stories.

I'm going to let you come up with the premise for your cats story. Do they have an abusive mentor? Are they in a terribly aching romance? What is their life like?

We'll have battles and foxes and Clan feuding. We won't have any magic cats and there probably won't even be a prophecy of any sorts. I may allow one single relationship across Clan borders, but even that will be out too.

'It won't be interesting then!' you might say, 'Arti, this is crap!'. After beaning you mercilessly with a baseball bat, I will tell you that yes, it will be interesting. Weren't the Warriors books interesting? Isn't that why you're here?


  • I would honestly love it if everyone picked different cats. We could have someone being an elder, a kit, an apprentice, a meddy cat, and a warrior. But it's your call. I really don't care.
  • Please remember, just because your cat is a male doesn't mean you are one. Try to make sure we have at least one tom narrator. :)
  • NO leaders or deputies.
  • Don't add your Clan, we will all be in the same Clan or I will assign Clans later. If you're thinking 'No fair! I want to pick my Clan', I'll tell you this: kits don't get to choose what Clan they're in. Deal.
  • If you add a meddy cat or a warrior with a forbidden romance right off the bat, I will not pick you.
  • Please, not green or pink cats or whatever. Actual colors.
  • And no ridiculous names like 'Brokenheart', or 'Emocut'.
  • You can crush on a cat, but please tell me first. I don't want everyone to be romantically involved. Also, NO MATING unless you've told me. Even if it's with a random character.

Charrie Chart

Please fill this out to apply!

Name: Your characters name! Duh!
Rank: What rank is your cat?
Age: How old if your charrie approximately? (HINTS!- 0-6 = kit, 6-12 -apprentice, 12 and up= Warrior)
Pelt Color and Description- Are you tabby? Are you silver?
Eye Color- Eye color
Personality- I won't be accepting ones that say 'Kind, loyal, funny, awesome' or anything of the sort. Give your character a spin! Make them shy or just plain mean!
Other Info- What is your cats greatest wish? What is their worst nightmare? Anything you think is really interesting about them? Develope your character!

Here's an example!

Name: Bramblepath
Rank: Warrior
Age: About 16 moons old.
Pelt Color: Brown tabby with one white paw.
Eye color- A bright green
Personality- Bramblepath longs to be leader. She's super ambitious, crazy smart, and pretty good in the battlefield. She's loyal and funny and she longs for love almost as much as she longs for deputyship. But try as she may, nothing ever seems to go her way. So, she's just resolved to being evil, plotting and waiting for her turn in the limelight.
Other Info- Bramblepath's father was a rogue and she constantly endures questions of her loyalty. She feels enjoys swimming and climbing trees and though she loves to run, she can't do it for very long. She crushes on toms and sometimes she swings between hope and depression.

That'll be my charrie. So tell me, what's yours?


  1. Birdpaw - Leopardpaw
  2. Foresty - Blazeclaw
  3. Moonstar10 - Smokepaw
  4. Birchy - Icenose
  5. Bloody - Dawnpetal

Waiting List

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