Hey y'all!

Due to the success of my latest fanfic, Cinders (I do suggest reading it if you haven't, it's amazing. :)) I have decided to write one or two companion books.

Now, Arti, you say, quietly sipping your teacup (I have decided that in this imaginary convo we are British people. Deal with it.), what exactly is a companion book?

Excellent question! A companion book is something that is not exactly a sequel, prequel, or anything to a book other then something centered around the same idea. In this case, I would tell the sordid or joyful tale of another cat being able to see a different version of their life.

There are plenty of dead cats to take your pick of. I think Bluestar would definitely be one of the ones I'd be interested in doing and maybe Lionheart? Hollyleaf? Who else? I need me some ideas!

And because, I never seem to be able to get comments on blogs anymore, I shall give you an ultimatum: if I can get 15 CONSTRUCTIVE, HELPFUL, comments, from FIFTEEN DIFFERENT users, I will reveal a major spoiler. >:)

Comment away!

You've Got to Leave the GroundTo Learn to Fly... 01:50, December 20, 2012 (UTC)

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