First of all, to anyone offended by the title- I'm blind. I'm also rather pissed.

Secondly, I'm going to need COMMENTS people, not 'Oh yeah, I totally read that, mhm.' None of that crap. I am head freaking admin and lately I, as well as a great majority of the staff and senior users, have not been getting the respect we deserve.

Moving right along.

Read Wetty's blog. For real. She and Red are staff members and if one of them makes a blog you'd better be RUNNING to read it. When I leave at the end of the summer, they're going to be the new admins. So if I were you, I'd start listening and cozying up as much as possible.

From here on out, anons are not allowed to make stories unless they have an account. And a LEGTIMATE account, not a 'oh, my name is Sparklyherderplovelypants, I'm just an IP'. None of that crap.

I don't care about excuses. I've heard them all. From now on, any IP story not already created will be deleted and if you don't listen to this rule, you'll be banned. I'm on summer break, so I've got nothing to do but re-enforce this. I've had enough of IPs spamming the wiki.

It used to be, I messaged a user 'Hey, please don't spam, etc.' they would message me back in a few minutes begging for mercy. Now? I have to ban someone for a few days to get their hard head out of their butt.

I want people to start listening to me again. I want my staff to be treated fairly. I want people to comment on this blog because I deserve at least that much.

I want people to leave comments. And not on just their friend's stories or my stories because I'm the big scary head. Give reading Red, Stareh, Zaffie, Rainy, or Robo's stories a try. I guarantee you'll like it. I think what bothers me the most is when beautiful, well thought out stories that obviously take a lot of time are shoved aside for someone's TV show parody, which took all of half an hour. Or a saga by a popular user that needs a trip to Mr. Spellcheck.

I was really worried that in the summer I'd have trouble sticking with my decision to leave. But now? If it weren't for my stories and the fact I like maybe a few people here, I'd be gone already.

Don't take things for granted. And even more importantly, comment, lest you want me to nag you forever. I'm in a bad mood, so now is not the time to be aloof.

Arti out.

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