I'm basically making this a mandatory read, but there's not really a way to enforce this, so let's just say you should be reading this. Blarg that was a weird sentence. Anyhoo...

I'm head admin now, I guess. Which believe me is not exactly my first option. Honestly? I thought I would have at least a year before I'd ever have to take this responsibility. Not because I didn't want to, but because I expected Forest to stay. But she hasn't. And now we have to move on.

Forest is my first topic. She asked me to please tell you guys to stop messaging her on other wikis and e-mailing her. As she quotes 'I left to cut off contact with the people who continuously insulted me...why would I want to respond?'. In other words, maybe in a few months you guys can be all hunky-dory, but as of right now she's still super upset and has no intention of ever talking to anyone again. So please stop bothering her.

Second, as many of you porobably already know, I've banned Vi for 9 months. She has bullied people for a long time and I know most of you considered her to be the problem. And so she's gone. And with the messages she left me, I doubt she's coming back. And if she is, she'll be on a one-strike policy for a while. As in 'One strike, you're out'.

Third. I know you guys are probably all waiting/wanting me to appoint another admin. And I will. But right now, I need sometime to find my own way before I can start training someone else. So there will be someone. And I have a few ideas as to who, but I'll be keeping that to myself. >:) I'd love this to be a wiki where we only need one or two admins and all they have to do is delete pages. *sigh* In a perfect world.

Fourth. The whole Union Leader thing...not sure how many of you know about this, so I'll explain. Several users believed the wiki to be too....um....un-democratic (? Can't think of a better word) and so they decided on an idea. They wanted a Union-Leader, someone who wouldn't have rights, but could talk to the admins and veto stuff. Not yet guys. I really want to see if we can make this work before doing this.

Um...what else, what else...oh yes!

Some me news, I have drama performances, so for the next few days I'll be on only a little. But that doesn't mean it's okay to go nuts. xD

Also, I want to put all the drama behind us. So do you guys have any ideas on how to make the wiki better? Anything you've been wanting to tell me or someone about an idea? Let us know here, I want to make this a fun place again- somewhere where we don't have to worry about vandals and stuff. So...yeah. Thanks. --ArtiTalk? :D 22:29, January 25, 2012 (UTC)

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