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  • Artimas Hunter


    December 17, 2014 by Artimas Hunter

    How obvious is it that I'm running out of blog titles.


    Although this time I have a reason-ish.

    As some of you know, I have a really bad stomach condition. I was diagnosed in 4th grade and, while it was manageable, I would get really bad flare-ups and sometimes it was too much to deal with. In the last year or so, those flare-ups have been getting more and more frequent until eventually it became constant pain all the time. I don't remember what it's like to wake up and feel okay anymore.

    Because of this, we went to see multiple doctors (I have like 4 on speed-dial) about it. I did an MRI, an endoscopy, a colonoscopy. While they didn't find anything conclusive in any of those tests, my pain was o…

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  • Artimas Hunter

    Hey All :)

    June 26, 2014 by Artimas Hunter

    Happy summer everyone! Or at least, most of us. Except for those weirdos in Australia. Anyways, I know I said I'd be more active this summer, since it may be my last, and I haven't lied to you. Things just had a crappy start.

    I was supposed to start summer with a week in South Carolina (ew, the beach). I packed 22 books (swear) and my laptop so I could start up back here. We were there for a day and it was really nice, but the second morning we got a call from my grandma- my grandpa's heart stopped and he was in the hospital. Less than 15 minutes later he declared dead. We flew back that day.

    I was really close with my grandpa, and it's terrible. This whole summer my family is spending half at our house and half at my grandma's, whi…

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  • Artimas Hunter

    I don't actually remember if I told y'all, but I was on tech crew for our school musical which was...SINGIN' IN THE RAIN! For those of you who don't know, this is a show that's crazy to try and produce, let alone do all the extra nonsense we did.

    • We actually made it rain on stage. For real. It was gorgeous and awesome and I cried.
    • A fog machine which I was in charge of
    • Two confetti cannons

    It was insane (which, as you may guess, is why I've been MIA so much lately). But I should be back for a solid month or two (I have been cast in a children's show, but that won't start for a while...fingers crossed).

    Thanks to my lovely fellow staff for picking up my sorry slack and I love you guys. Sorry I left you in the lurch (YET AGAIN *beats self wi…

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  • Artimas Hunter

    So, as many of you probably know, my drawing is comparable to that of a four year old who can barely hold a crayon because they are projectile vomiting onto a paper. And I'm pretty sure this four year old would still do better than me.

    I've also decided it would be kind of fun to have a logo/some pictures for War. I mean, what kind of TV show doesn't have a logo or pictures of the cast? (Then I asked myself what kind of TV show wasn't actually on TV and was about talking cats. I was stumped.) I know that we have a buttload of AMAZINGLY talented artists on here, and I would love to see you guys do something!

    This isn't a contest or even a request really. This is a 'hey, I had this idea and I completely lack the skill to do it myself so…

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  • Artimas Hunter

    There is no excuse for disappearing for a month or two. None. You guys are my (lovely wonderful fantastically weird) family, and I'm supposed to be in charge. When I said I was leaving in the summer, I did mean it. But I also meant it when I said I wanted to finish all my stories, get closure. You guys have been my life for the past four years and there is no way in heaven or hell I could just leave you without a goodbye or an entire freaking album devoted to my pain of basically chopping a limb off (you guys are my third leg now, how does that feel?).

    And you all know me, I never admit I'm wrong. I mean, obviously because I'm always right. But what I did was a shitty, shitty thing. Even if it wasn't intentional, even if I love you …

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