Aria Dragonsworth

aka Darky

  • I live in Warriors Fanfiction Wikia because Bramble stole Nightwing from me D':
  • My occupation is Trying to (mentally) pull Wally West from the speedforce (AND HENCE THE YOUNG JUSTIC HIATUS)
  • I am a (background) hero in the Young Justice community :D
  • Aria Dragonsworth

    My name is Aria, but you can call me Darky.

    It's always been stressing to type up blogs and stuff, in the sense that I have slight dyslexia and I have grave difficulties focusing. Thanks to Bramble, I have been introduced to the wonderful Warriors Fanfiction Wikia :D


    So, WFW Games!

    We have 8 members of the wikia that have joined the contest, but we still need a couple. If there isn't enough participants, the games will be shortened to 7 weeks, according to Bramble.

    So on Bramble's behalf, please participate!

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