• Aquamarine1212

    Another 20 Questions

    September 2, 2016 by Aquamarine1212

    Hello, it's me again. ^_^ I was lurking around the wiki today, and I decided to do another 20 questions blog since the last one was so popular. I think these are fun just because you get to know people that you otherwise wouldn't talk to. Once again, this is just for fun, and you don't have to answer all the questions.

    1. What is a movie that deserves a sequel but doesn't have one?

    2. Pick a friend on Wikia. How did you meet them?

    3. What's a habit you have that you'd like to get rid of?

    4. What kid's movie was really scary to you when you were little?

    5. What is the last song you listened to?

    6. What is the dumbest thing you did today?

    7. What's one country you would never travel to?

    8. Favorite season?

    9. What's a really cool and obscure word you…

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  • Aquamarine1212

    20 Questions

    April 12, 2016 by Aquamarine1212

    Just popping on here again for a bit to update a few things. While I was here I figured I'd put up some random questions and let anyone answer them if they're bored. You don't have to answer all the questions - just have fun!

    1. The best pizza topping?

    2. Your favorite character? (from any fandom)

    3. Strangest thing you've ever seen?

    4. QUICK - THINK OF A WORD! What word popped into your head?

    5. Most annoying habit you've encountered?

    6. Spicy food or sweet?

    7. Chocolate or Marshmallows?

    8. Rain or Snow?

    9. Would you go skydiving?

    10. Would you rather be hated or forgotten?

    11. Try typing your username with your elbow. No backspace!

    12. The best fanfic you've written so far in your opinion?

    13. Would you rather go dancing or swimming?

    14. Morning perso…

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  • Aquamarine1212


    October 10, 2015 by Aquamarine1212


    I've been in a bit of a writing rut recently, and I'm trying to break out of it by freewriting with story prompts. If you know any good story prompts or you want to make up your own, post them in the comments, I'd love to hear them! (they don't have to be Warriors related)

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  • Aquamarine1212


    April 17, 2015 by Aquamarine1212

    Hai to anyone reading this. I somehow accidentally ended up here, how I'm not sure, but oh my gosh NOSTALGIA. I haven't been on here in like what, a year? It's crazy. While I still love fanfiction, I've sorta gotten out of the groove of Warriors. I still read a warriors book on ocassion, but to be perfectly honest I've sort of 'moved past' them and that makes me a little sad. :( This wiki was practically my life three or four years ago. Now looking at it, most of the people that were my friends here are gone. I guess that change is constant. Anywho, if anybody is reading this and remembers me, I probably won't be on here anymore. I might drift here on occasion and stalk someone ;) and I really want to finish up my Lakeclan Series at some p…

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  • Aquamarine1212


    April 16, 2015 by Aquamarine1212

    Anyone know of some fun roleplay sites?

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