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Amberfrost206 Amberfrost206 11 December 2013

Need more help XD

Hey peeps um... I need some cat descriptions, and know I should really be doing it myself but I like to hear more detailed ones. I always give them random short descriptions. And if it isn't to much trouble could you give me there gender and personality. Thanx

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Amberfrost206 Amberfrost206 14 November 2013

Hehe, I need names

Hey There! I'm Amber and I'm brand new to this place. Anyway, I need names. I have a story idea a she-cat who only wants perfect kits. Her kit is small, and weak, so she names her Starkit, so she can't ever be leader.

But the problem is, I need names, because I'm terrible with creating names. Any suggestions are fine, Juts a name and  an optional dexcription. I will use any names suggested (unless they're crazy names)

Thanks peeps!


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