Hello, Amberflower here, never fear! If you're reading this, I know 5 things about you.

1. You can read.

2. You know what a blog post on the Warriors Fanfiction Wiki is.

3. You know who Amberflower on the Warriors Fanfiction Wiki is.

4. You know what the Warriors Fanfiction Wiki is.

5. You know who Fairyprince is.

You know, the guy who goes around annoying others and making you laugh? Well, he's giving you a summer special! Descriptions follow!


In June, HIMG and I will be having a little showdown. A battle of annoyance. She will have her own character, I believe it is Sugarplum. You will decide who's funnier.


Fairyprince will be annoying characters from your fanfictions. You can register other users' characters, but they must give their approval. First approved, first served! Oh, and link me the fanfiction.


Fairyprince will be annoying users on the wiki. Once again, they must give their approval, and it's first approved, first served.

Spots are limited, so hurry up! 'Bye for now, Amberflower of WindClanAwesome!"QueenofSpoofs"-HIMG 20:42, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

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