Okay, first off, this is NOT dedicated to anyone in particular. Keep that in mind.

Look, guys, this is made for everyone planning to leave. Stay! Don't leave!

Okay, I know you have excuses. Focusing on your life, etc. you can focus on your life AND be here. You can edit once a week, or after you've done your homework, or something!

I've always thought of us Wikians as a Clan. We support each other, bring new people here, and aim for certain goals. If someone leaves, some people feel pain. An empty space where they used to be.

If enough people leave the Wiki, guess what happens? The Wiki closes down! Then your hard work will have gone to waste. Rainy's Amberflower series, Arti's Cinders, and many more, thrown away in the trash.

There are two ways you can keep this Wiki going: adding new fanfictions and not leaving. You're already working on the first way. Why not work on the second way too?

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