Hey guys! (darn, I have to stop saying that...)

Here I am in Krabi, Thailand, for half-term break! W00t!

Random 5 facts about Thailand cuz I'm really bored:

1. Thailand is a kingdom, which means it has a king. 2. If you insult the king, you immediately get arrested. 3. The currency here is baht. 4. You seriously need sunglasses here. Seriously. 5. There is flooding in Bangkok, which is the capital (I think) but luckily it hasn't spread to Krabi.

6. There are lots of crabs in Krabi, but they're only little sand crabs, nothing too exciting. 7. You haven't noticed that there are now 7 questions, not 5. -- Amberfire3 Happy Canadian thanksgiving! TURKEYS, EH? 03:06, October 15, 2011 (UTC)

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