AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Sign of the Moon!

I just got it today! I just read it! It's really good!

Things you should know(spoiler alert):

1. Hollyleaf is ALIVE! And she's living with some scrawny ginger tom in the tunnels

2. Half Moon is the first Stoneteller

3. Crag is the new Stoneteller

4. Antpelt dies and goes to the DF

5. Blossomfall is visiting the DF

6. Squirrelflight, Foxleap, Dovewing and Jayfeather go to the mountains

7. The 3 were Ancients: Jay's Wing, Dove's Wing and Lion's Roar

8. Swoop (a tribe kitty) DIES

9. there are 4, not 3

10. (this is a theory) Foxleap MIGHT be the 4th(probably not): He may seem to be joking around, but he might have the power to understand any creature! (I am insane, the 4th is Hollyleaf, of course)

Umm... can't think much, my brain is tired... *falls asleep on key board, causing random letters to be punched in by accident*

sxdddjn hgfcdngfjks ∫fnaL<bdhssfjnz ƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

Well, bye!

PS, try to type in 'warriors' with your tongue.

warriors *wipes keyboard with sanitary cloth covered in anti-bacterial goo*

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