Whoooo. That wuz phun. Yay.

I went to NYC last week. OK it sorta was pretty much awesome but there was no WIFI!!! Gasp. I remember I went to the NYC public library (news flash- it's HUGE!!) and saw only two warriors books there. What???? Then I went to the AMAZING Harry potter exhibition, bought some ink, parchment, a quill and some good ol' bertie's every flavor beans. Managed to prank my family twice that day: 1. Pretended I had a letter from hogwarts 2. Told my sister vomit flavored bean was orange and cherry. Suckers.

Ok I've been neglecting you. I promise I'll be more active when I come home from canada. Swear.


Ps major autocorrect fail! They though 'more active' meant 'korea give'. Weird.

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